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Artificial Intelligence Newest Application in technology
Artificial Intelligence Newest Application in technology

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Artificial Intelligence Newest Applications 2020 Edition

Artificial intelligence or AI is the simulation of the processes of human intelligence by machines.
Reasoning, self-correction, and learning are an example of these processes. While speech
recognition, machine vision, and expert systems are examples for applications of artificial
intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is progressing in a dramatic way.

Our world is being transformed economically, socially, and politically because of AI. Here are
the applications of Artificial Intelligence:

1. Artificial Intelligence in healthcare

Many companies are using machine learning to achieve faster and more accurate diagnoses
than humans. There is a very popular technology called IBM’s Watson.
This technology can understand natural language so that it responds to any question applied to
it. The system can form a hypothesis by taking the patient data and any available data sources
then it presents all this in a form of a confidence scoring schema. AI is a field used to translate

human intelligence into computer technology which is able to assist both, the patients and the
doctors in the following ways:
 By supporting them with a laboratory for representation, cataloguing medical
information and examination.
 By developing novel tool to support research and decision making.
 By merging activities in cognitive, software and medical sciences.
 By presenting a discipline-rich content-rich for the future scientific medical communities.
Moreover, the evolution of fitness health machines such as what you can find at provides more accurate results and data with the help of AI. Those are the
numbers and functions you can see from the small screen on the machines.

2. Artificial Intelligence in business

Do you hear about robotic process automation? Now, it is being used in highly repetitive tasks
which are done by humans, normally. Also, algorithms of machine learning are being
transformed into Customer relationship management (CRM) and analytics platforms to show
information about how to serve customers in a better way.
For the sake of providing immediate and good service for their customers, chatbots have been
added into e-companies and websites. In addition, job positions automation became a point of
talking among IT consultancies and academics.

3. Artificial Intelligence in education

It gives educators more time by automating grades. Furthermore, AI can help students and
adapt to their needs, so they can work at their own pace.

4. Artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles

As humans, self-driving cars must have sensors so they can comprehend the world around
them. They also need a brain gather processes then they can choose specific actions based on
information collected.
So, autonomous vehicles contain new and advanced tool to collect information such as
cameras, LIDAR and long range radar. Every technology of these can be used with different
capacities and each of them gathers different information.
This information is of no use, if it isn’t processed and there are some forms of information which
is taken based on the information. And this is where artificial intelligence comes into play and
could be compared to human brain. Artificial intelligence has many applications for these
vehicles and the most immediate ones are among them as follows:
 Guiding the car to the closest recharge station or gas station when it is running low on

 Finding the quickest route by adjusting the trip directions on the base of known traffic
 Developing speech recognition for advanced and better communication with
 Virtual assistance technologies and natural language interfaces.

5. Cyborg Technology

Simply, our own bodies and brains is one of the main limitations of being human. Shimon
Whiteson, a researcher, claims that in the future, we will improve a lot of our nAatural abilities and
we will be able to augment ourselves with computers.
Although a lot of these possible cyborg enhancements will be added for more comfortable,
others would be for a more practical purpose. Yoky Matsuka of Nest thinks that AI will more
helpful for those with amputated limbs, when the brain can be connected to a robotic limb and
provide the patient with more control. This type of cyborg technology can dramatically decrease
the limitations that amputees deal with every day.

In the future, artificial intelligence and predictive analysis can do an even more fundamental role
in software fields and also in content creation. Artificial intelligence collection and open source
information will provide global technological equality with opportunities and AI can become the
future in all fields of public safety, health, security and environment.

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