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Importance of mobile app
Importance of mobile app

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Top Mobile App Development Trends To Dominate The Market in 2020

In recent years, mobile apps have transformed the market scenario and empowered businesses to ensure greater customer engagement, drive maximized sales, and impact the revenue model. 

Year by year, industries are anticipating leveraging tactics in terms of mobile app development.

With over 5 billion mobile app users across the global market, the android app market demonstrates its share as 2.6 million users and 2.2 market share is reserved by the app store and this ratio is taking a lope and uplifting the mobile app market in a continuous manner.

Considering the steadily evolving strategy of mobile app development, we are enlisting the mobile app development trends dominating the market in the year 2020:

AI & Machine Learning Is A Rising Deal

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become the necessity of today’s competitive and rapidly evolving market. As most of the AI efforts are delivered in the form of chatbots and rest are utilized while deploying app solutions combined with machine learning. ‘Siri’ can be considered
a smart example of collaborative implementation.

Now, with the rising adoption of ERP solutions, AI is strengthening its implementation to expand the working capabilities in today’s modern and competitive work infrastructure. Obviously, data analysis and reporting capabilities have raised the requisition for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning equipped solutions.

Augmented & Virtual Reality – A Next-Generation Solution

Although Augmented Reality is not a newbie technology, emerging as a prevailing and pervasive solution throughout the globe. AR is reserving unprecedented levels year after year. For instance, a mobile game like ‘Pokemon Go’ brought the revolution in virtual reality objects that do not exist in a reality but are displayed over the screen all because of artificial intelligence.

Hence, considering this rising technology trend, recently, Apple has launched the ARkit to stimulate augmented reality experience in custom apps that are based on both the front and rear camera possibilities. Hence, addressing the enlarging gaming & entertainment need, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will demonstrate a dominating factor in 2020.

Chatbot Is Driving a Significant Change

Chatbots brought a significant change in the way of interacting with the customers and resolving their issues without human intervention. Today, most of the e-commerce owners are taking recourse of chatbots and driving success in terms of customer loyalty and their gratification. 

For instance, we can see live examples of food-delivery apps. Apart from, chatbots are implemented by modern e-commerce owners who are willing to serve better by perceiving their customers’ evolving needs, solving their issues, and upgrading their services based on their feedback.

Cloud Storage Is A Futuristic Need

In today’s fast-driven world, the cloud has become the initial need to store, retrieve, and process the data to attain efficient results. Various growing organizations are getting incumbent on cloud-empowered apps to store their large data on the cloud and access the same with no time & space limitations to support better decisions-making-process.

The coming year 2020 will seem more dependent on cloud storage hence, the organizations will be in the rivalry of cloud-based apps whereby they can enjoy the real-time access to their data and define their strategies accordingly supporting their business pillars for better productivity ahead.

Wearable Devices Are Getting Attention

Adhering to trending technologies, people are getting maniac for wearable devices. In 2019, brands like Apple, Huawei, Samsung gained success in reaching their potential revenue. Be it smartwatch or fitness band, wearable devices are gaining prevalence among the all-age group of people and the development of apps for wearable devices will take a robust place in 2020.

As per the research performed by IDC – the annual growth rate may reach around 20.3% by the year 2020. So, you can see how wearable devices are going to capture the global market in the upcoming year and reserving a space in the list of mobile app development trends.

M-Commerce Is The Emerging Deal

With the evergrowing adaption of smartphones, the shopping behavior of customers is getting transformed hence, mobile customers are evolving swiftly. Contemplating this need, enterprises are in enmity to develop m-commerce apps equipped with modernized functionality and simplified navigation.

So, we cannot deny the rising consumer behavior with the evolution of smartphones and the addition of shopping apps using mobile devices. By 2020, we can see quite effective rise in m-commerce app development.

Internet Of Things (IoT) Is A Rising Factor

With the expeditious adoption of cloud-based applications, the Internet of things is also in the race of reserving a sturdy hold in the global market. IoT has transformed the diversified industry and continued to evolve further. Whether e-commerce, healthcare, construction or transportation, IoT is ready to improve the ecosystem with its market penetration in sectors like retail, real estate and more.

Even, people are in the antagonism to adopt IoT installation and development to boost their work infrastructure and even improve their personal technology use by automating their processes and enhancing their device utilization. So, IoT will emerge as an effective trend in the year 2020.

Thus, this was all about the mobile app development trends that will take place in 2020. In this blog, I demonstrated how mobile app development has reached so far and how it will perform in the upcoming year and transform the industry and gratify the customer needs.

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