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What is Sensor | Types of Sensors | Explanations

What is Sensor?

A sensor is a device which works on the basis of conversion from analog signals to digital signals and the digital signals can be used to perform various operations.

In reality, there are different types of sensors available and each sensor has as definite functions.

For example, the types of sensors in cars, Door sensor, light sensor, speed sensor and so on.

Let us see the most commonly used IoT sensors types and their uses.

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1. Proximity Sensor: 

The Proximity Sensor detects the nearby objects without having any physical contact with that nearby object. There are also different types of proximity sensors. Depending on the utility and the functions, the sensor may vary.

The best live example is the smartphone. Most of them have experienced this, at the time of answering a call you can see the lights off when you take your smartphone near to your ears.

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2. Pressure Sensor: 

The Pressure Sensor is used to measure the pressure levels of various liquids and gases. The density of water is also measured by the pressure sensor.

The best live examples are Digital Air Pressure Sensor and the Barometer.

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3. Light Sensor:

The Light Sensor is a device for detecting the presence of light. The applications of light sensors are unlimited.

The best example for Light Sensor is the LDR (Light Dependent Resistor).

4. Infrared Sensor: 

The Infrared Sensor also called as IR Sensor emits IR signals to detect the distance between the object. The ratings and size may differ depending on the distance.

The best example is Line following robot.

5. Smoke Sensor: 

The Smoke sensor is a device which can detect the presence of smoke.

Usually, they are installed in various places of the building to trigger the alarm circuit, when any fire accident occurs.

6. Alcohol Sensor: 

The Alcohol sensor is used to detect the presence of alcohol. They are mostly used by narcotics department.

7. Color Sensor: 

The color sensor is a device which is used to detect the presence of color. There are different types of color sensor available in the market.

8. Humidity Sensor: 

The Humidity Sensor is used to measure the presence of moisture content. There are three types of Humidity Sensors,

  • the capacitive,
  • the resistive and
  • the thermal

9. Speed Sensor: 

The Speed Sensor is a device used to detect the speed on the moving object.

The best example of the Speed Sensor is a Tachometer, which measures the speed of the motor.

10. Tilt Sensor: 

The Tilt Sensor is a device used for measuring the tilt angle.

The best example of the Tilt Sensor is a Tilting  Robot.

11. Sound Sensor: 

The Sound Sensor is a device used for detecting the sound level.

The best example of a sound sensor is a clapping Switch.

12. Vibration Sensor:

The Vibration Sensor is a device used for measuring the linear displacement, acceleration, and velocity.

13. Flow and Level sensor: 

The device used for measuring the flow of liquid and it’s level is known as Flow and Level Sensor.

The best example of Flow and Level Sensor is a Water Level Indicator.

These IoT sensors types play a major role in Home Automation and Industrial Automation. The Automation is not possible without the Iot sensors types which are mentioned above.

14. Touch Sensor: 

The Touch Sensor is a device which works based on touch. The best example is a touchscreen mobile phones.


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