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Top Development Board For Projects
Top Development Board For Projects

Embedded Systems

Top Development Boards for projects

If you have unique project ideas or if you want to practice any projects related to development boards, you need to learn at least one development board to complete them. You can use any development board according to your convenience. The complexity of the project varies from one development board to another development board. Here are the top development board for projects from which you can implement your project.

1.Raspberry Pi Development Board:

Raspberry Pi is one of the latest development board which was used in practice. You can do major projects with the help of Raspberry Pi Development Board. The Raspberry Pi Development comes in various versions of Raspberry Pi 1, Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi 3. You can choose Raspberry Pi version depending on your project requirement but I recommend you to Choose Raspberry Pi 3 even though the cost is high when compared to other versions. Lower Versions won’t support some functions but Raspberry Pi 3 supports those functions.

Raspberry Pi supports top Programming Languages like Python, JAVA, C, C++. You need to know about programming languages to use Raspberry Pi Development Board.

2.Arduino Development Board:

Arduino is one of the commonly used development board when compared to all other types. If you are a newbie, you can start your project career from Arduino. But one of the main drawbacks of using Arduino is, you need to interface most of the functions like WIFI, this would be inconvenient but you can learn a lot from interfacing those.

Arduino Support C/C++ programming language. You can download Arduino Application from official Arduino Website or You can also use online editor and Compiler from the Official Arduino Website. It can also be programmed with the help of Mobile phone, just search for an App name Arduino IDE.

3.Banana Pi Development Board:

Banana Pi is a rarely used development board when compared to all other development board. It comes under a single-board computer type. It was officially released on April 2014. It supports LINUX for operation. The weight od this development board is only 48 grams. It will a right choice for a small type of projects.

To know more about installation click here.

4.Beagle Bone Development Board:

Beagle Bone is open hardware system and low-cost development board. It can be operated in a low power. Unlike Arduino, you don’t need an external computer to code the program. In Beagle Bone development board, you can do it in Beagle Bone itself.

5.Intel Development Board:

Intel Development Board is mainly developed for IOT related applications. It also comes with different versions. Its first version was launched in January 2014 and its second version was launched in March 2014. The first version can be able to run on LINUX and the second version can be able to run on Arduino IDE, C, C++, and python.





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