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Teeth Braces
Teeth Braces
Teeth Braces

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What Are Teeth Braces And In What Conditions You Should Go For It

Dental health is something that not many people are concerned as a huge 60% face some dental issues in India. The rising dental health conditions like bad breath, cavities, gum diseases and more vouch for it. 

Many times, people also have to go for teeth braces in some conditions. Teeth brace cost is generally on the higher side. 

In the same context, let’s know vital things to know before getting dental braces. Read on!

What are teeth braces?

Teeth braces devices are those that are used in Orthodontics. It is a way to align and strengthen teeth. This way, the technique helps the teeth positioning them concerning someone’s bite. 

Dental braces also improve dental health and help to fix gaps. Teeth brace cost may be on the higher side case to case. 

Thus, it is vital to know when to get it. Getting teeth braces could be a tough thing. But if you do that at the clinic of a known dentist in your city, then it could be smooth. 

What to consider before opting for teeth braces?

  • You can get teeth braces at any age 

Teeth braces are generally associated with teenagers as it is when people notice their crooked teeth. There is no age limit for getting dental braces. And you should not be put off by the stereotypes. You can go for braces to get your misaligned teeth at any age. As long as it can help your teeth and gums being strong, you can go for teeth braces. It is becoming quite common for adults to get teeth braces. Many are unable to do that in their childhood. They do that in adulthood to gain their confidence back. 

  • Straight teeth are not everything 

The common perception of dental braces is that it gives patient straight teeth. Of course, it is one of the major objectives of wearing them. But it is not the only one! Yes, teeth braces help you achieve more. When you go for teeth braces fixing, your dentist checks your mouth for many more conditions. They ask you many questions that may help you know about your current oral health. The question that they ask you should be correctly answered. Giving correct answers is only going to help them assess your condition well that may help you keep dental health in the top form later. 

  • Your bite may also have to be fixed

Other than determining if your teeth are straight, the dentist also checks if your bite is healthy or not. What is a bite? The bite happens when you close two rows of teeth and open them again. While doing that, the rows should meet and not showcase abrasion. Just like this, there should not be big gaps anywhere along the line meeting teeth’s two rows. Hence, while opting for teeth braces, your dentist will also check if your bite needs to be corrected or not. 

  • The cost and treatment times may vary 

The bad news is that teeth braces don’t come at a throwaway price. Yes, teeth braces cost is on the higher side. If you are financially not sound, then the cost may affect your budget. But since it is one of the key parts of keeping your dental health afloat, it can’t be skipped. The teeth braces cost depends on your location, age, clinic and other factors. If you wish to know what types of teeth braces will suit you, then your dentist is the perfect person to ask this. The teeth braces cost will vary depending on the type of device that your dentist advises you. 

Manage the teeth braces cost easily on affordable EMIs

If you wish to go for fixing teeth braces soon, then it may affect your budget. It is the teeth braces cost that is a bit higher. Depending on the kind of teeth braces that you go for, the price may further go up. 

But the price of teeth braces does not have to be taxing on your budget. It is because you can divide the teeth braces cost over the tenure of 24 months. The facility is being extended via the Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card. 

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It gives you a pre-approved credit limit of up to Rs.4 lakh that you can use to fund teeth braces cost. You can also pay in convenient EMIs and don’t have to hamper your monthly outlays. 

You can use the Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card in 5,500+ partner centres and 1,000+ cities in India. 

If you are the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card owner, you can access the Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card. You can do that by paying Rs.707 as the joining fee. 

It is a handy solution to not only fund dental health concerns but an array of other medical conditions.

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