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Four technological trends in the health care sector

Technology is rapidly changing many industries across the globe. The health care sector sees significant transformations that redefine provider efficiency, patient convenience, and the quality of care. Let’s talk with about four impacts of technology in health care.

Mobile applications for tracking health

Kristyn Rodvill says that more people nowadays use their phones to track their health. Some of these applications include Lifesum, Fooducate, the Symple Symptom Tracker. They help their users make healthy decisions and manage their health on the move. The reality of these mobile applications is they gather and share your health information. We can share our health details with health care facilities, doctors, and other providers in the modern-day. Examples of apps include:
BlueStar. The application by WellDoc keeps track of information required by people with diabetes for health monitoring.
Strava. It’s a fitness application that tracks all exercise types. It monitors your activity and gives you real-time updates.
Mobile MIM. Medical professionals use this application for diagnosing and displaying medical images.

The growing use of Wearable technology

Fitbit, first introduced in 2009, monitors and records your step count and heart. Since then, there are more technologies by different companies in the market at the moment. They come in the form of wristbands or smartwatch and measure your steps, heart rate, and BMI. Other ECG monitors can detect blood pressure and atrial fibrillation, after which they transmit a report to your doctor. There are several examples, including:
iTBra. It is a wearable bra insert used for detecting breast cancer.
MUSE. It is a headband that reads your brain to detect stress and fight it using music.
Owlet Smart Sock. A baby wears this on their foot to monitor their sleep.
Upright pro. This wearable aims at correcting one’s posture and fighting back pain.

Helping more individuals access medical care

For those in rural places, technological advancement has made it possible and better for them to access care. Telecommunication tech and electronic information like streaming media, videoconferencing, remote imaging, among others, are the ways Telehealth uses to offer services. They come in handy for the long-distance clinician and patient contact, advice, care, education, etc. similarly, you can get more information and gain insights into how you can live a healthy life. It is possible with technology to see your doctor without physically having to go to the hospital. You can receive your prescription through your mobile device and purchase medication in a Canadian Pharmacy near you.

Electronic Health Records Improve Care

Before technology, health care facilities recorded a patient’s health records on paper in old manila folders. It was a huge challenge mainly because the file could easily be misplaced, or damaged, or in case of changing doctors, it meant carrying the whole lot to your new doctor. Thanks to Electronic Health Records (EHRs), these challenges have significantly reduced. It is now simple to access your medical records or share them with your physician. Another advantage of EHRs is the consistency and accuracy of data. It is more accurate because the information gathering process is by use of state-of-the-art medical equipment.
The above mentioned four trends used in healthcare technology mark a clear path to better results for future patients. Besides, health care professionals will also benefit from this type of technology. The level of health care will increase based on improving patient information.

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