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Ways To Celebrate International Women's Day 2021 At Work
Ways To Celebrate International Women's Day 2021 At Work


Ways To Celebrate International Women’s Day 2021 At Work

With International Women’s Day coming soon, many of you look for innovative Women’s Day events in your workplaces to mark the day in a creative, positive and thoughtful way. Here are some helpful ideas!

An E-mail of Appreciation

Send a nice email to a fellow female colleague, a thank you note appreciating each one of them. As you are now in the digital age, it is not limited to a physical card; It can also be in the form of a beautifully crafted email or a shared social media card.

Decorate the office

An excellent way to get your staff in celebration mode is to decorate your office in purple- a colour representing women strength and empowerment. Put inspirational posters around the space, place purple balloons on the table along with the tag of their names.

Thoughtful Gift

Everyone loves gifts, even if they are on the corporate ladder. Give each woman in the office a bouquet of flowers, a card and a special women’s day cake to make them feel special. Just order online cake delivery in Jaipur or wherever you reside celebrate it in a special way.

Seek fitness and health advice at the workplace

An important component of women’s day programs is that a well-known nutritionist or caregiver can come and talk about a healthy and stress-free life. Women often feel that it is their duty to ensure that everything is done correctly at all times and there is no scope for any mistake. At home and work, they sometimes forget to prioritize and end up working 24/7. All this often leads to stress and their physical and emotional health is overshadowed. Nothing can be a better way to celebrate the day.

Fun activities

Another way to celebrate Women’s Day at the office is to plan some fun activities. You can lend your employees a few hours just to convince female employees to do some recreational activities, right? Therefore, some fun games such as Musical Chair, Spoon Race, or ask everyone to leave anonymous messages to each other. Anything is possible in the office building, you will get lots of fun activities that will keep everyone busy. Ask all women employees to participate in these games, as this will boost their confidence. Also, you know that to improve the productivity of people proves to be fun activities.

Recognize women employees as role models

Apart from monthly and yearly awards, you can organize an awards ceremony, especially for women employees. Let your office employees share stories of how their women colleagues have inspired them in different ways or made an impactful contribution to them personally or through their work and reward them.

Welfare session

Women have to do a lot on a daily basis and often forget to take care of their own in their dedication to their work. Let this Women’s Day be the day where you accept and work for the women ‘selfless dedication to their family and organize a wellness session for them where they can take some time out of their daily routine into a wellness session for themselves.

Involve men in conversation

Your male co-workers should also be feminists, so get them in the position by encouraging them to question their views, offer their suggestions to champion women in business, and suggest ways to deal with accomplished sexism.

Stick with the Women’s Day of the Year Theme

This year’s Women’s Day theme is Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World’. COVID-19 has impacted women and girls in profound ways, amplifying the inequalities they face every day. Whether it is the workplace environment or their normal life, women face discrimination, gender bias and stereotypes everywhere throughout their lives.

Take this Women’s Day to highlight such issues and spread awareness about how you can eliminate such concepts. You can choose to call a female leader of another organization and give them a speech about the challenges facing women around the world and what can be done to get rid of such mentality.

There are many ways to celebrate this memorable day. The overall objective is to focus on gender equality and the progress that women have made towards the goal, as well as to accept the road to success. Happy women’s day!

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