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7 Reasons Why Serviced Apartments Are Better Than Hotels During The COVID-19 Era

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed all aspects of our lifestyle, including our travel choices. Aside from comparing hotels based on price tags, amenities, and proximity to attractions, you now tend to put health and safety first when making a decision. How safe is the property? Is it crowded? Do they have strict protocols when it comes to hygiene, physical distancing, and contactless procedures? 

If you’re traveling for longer periods, whether it’s for work or leisure, experts suggest that you’re better off staying in a serviced apartment than in a hotel. Read on to know why this clever proposal makes a lot of sense. 

1. Serviced apartments give you more savings

Constantly looking for ways to save money during this time of uncertainty? If you’re staying with a business companion or a bigger group in the UK, you might be surprised that a two to three-bedroom serviced apartment in Reading can cost almost the same as a one-bedroom hotel room in the same city. That’s more cost-effective than booking two separate rooms for more space and privacy. 

Also, compared to hotels, you’ll have more savings the more you stay. A typical week’s stay in a serviced apartment is usually 15% cheaper than hotels, and the savings can increase to 40% for stays of three months or more. 

2. Less communal spaces mean less risk of exposure

Hotels can be a breeding ground for germs and viruses due to a large number of guests using their communal areas, like gyms, pools, conference rooms, and more. 

Serviced apartments have fewer shared areas and quieter lobbies, making them ideal for the social distancing and sanitizing age. Fewer shared areas mean housekeepers can solely focus on ensuring a more thorough cleaning job on apartments. 

3. Serviced apartment’s guests are often long-term ones

When you stay in a hotel, you tend to get reminded of the fact that several short-term guests from different places have stayed in your room before you in the last few days. No matter how well-manned the housekeeping team is, it can be nearly impossible to disinfect every nook and cranny on a regular basis. Even commonly touched items like cushions, light switches, and TV remotes are not cleaned regularly. 

Serviced apartments, on the other hand, are popular among guests who stay for longer periods. This limits exposure since it’s easier for the housekeeping staff to sanitize the rooms in one big shot after they leave. 

4. No buffets and restaurant takeaways: You have your own kitchen

Serviced apartments are furnished with a kitchen, and it saves you in three different ways: Firstly, it saves you a lot of money from mandatory restaurant dinners. Secondly, it saves your gut from cheap but unhealthy fast-food you often resort to. Lastly, it saves you from potentially catching the virus in a buffet or restaurant. 

Having a fully-equipped kitchen allows you to get your groceries and make your own meals. You can eat cheap yet fresh food while staying safe and sound in your suite. Just don’t forget to wash your groceries thoroughly, including bottles, packets, and cans. 

5. More control over your space

As the lockdown eases and the world reopens its doors to traveling, most travelers are still more likely to be hesitant about traveling. For sure, you’d prefer to rent a space you can control. Aside from cooking your own meals, serviced apartments also allow you to do your own laundry, and get access to all the disinfectants and cleaning materials. You can clean your apartment to your heart’s content (and peace of mind). 

When cleaning your suite, pay attention to frequently touched surfaces lIke handles, microwaves, handles, light switches, remote controllers, and toilets, especially if you share the space wIth others. 

6. Better work-life balance

Are you a business traveler? Work-related stress, longing for home, and COVID-19-induced anxieties can take a toll on you during this time — especially if your environment is nothing but a cramped bedroom. 

Serviced apartments have up to 30% more space than hotel rooms. Enjoy a separate kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining area, and work area, plus more space to roam around. With these features, you can designate areas and easily draw a line between work life and personal life. 

7. You’re gonna get exactly what you paid for

Hotels justify their higher prices with their in-house amenities like swimming pool, breakfast buffets and bars, and fitness centers — all of which are currently out of action due to the pandemic. So it’s like you’re paying a premium for something you can’t use. 

Staying in a serviced apartment is a great way to cut unnecessary costs. You’ll get your money’s worth with a bigger suite, fully-furnished with everything you need. 

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a free-spirited writer who loves exploring the great outdoors. She loves traveling, eating, taking food and streetscape photographs, and simply enjoying new experiences and writing about them.  To know more about hotels and travel blogs, you may visit PREMIER SUITES Reading.

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