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There is a lot of clutter being created in the world today, both physically and digitally. Yes, the digital mess is accurate, and if not managed, like the items of a house, it could get out of hand and become very difficult to manage!

It is where hosted virtual desktop providers come in to save the day, as their accessible DVDs (Virtual Desktop) make it easy for a consumer to categorize and put away digital “boxes of data”, like how people put away items in a box to storage.

Not many people know about VDIs (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and hosted virtual desktop providers, hence to simplify the concept, a virtual desktop is a virtual space of a PC (Personal Computer) / desktop, which exists beyond the limitations of a physical screen.

It is possible by software available for consumers to use or to make things one step easier; there are hosted virtual desktop providers who make it much more convenient to use and learn about it.

The virtual desktop is made viable by allowing the user to make copies of the available data on their screen and store them in the virtual desktop view, and they can switch between viewports at any given point in time.

The History:

The entire concept of a switchable desktop was a dream until it became a reality in 1986 by Austin Henderson. But the whole idea was made available to the mass audience by Tom LaStrange in the year 1989. This invention allowed the users to experience a switch between contexts, or in other words, screens/ pages, giving them a sense of “change”.

The Purpose:

  • This virtual desktop has a great feature that allows a user to have an added advantage compared to those not using it. They will have the luxury to access their home desktop from anywhere.
  • Access to the consumer’s desktop can happen from any device, and this is super beneficial for an IT organization with many of its employees working remotely from home today.
  • This data is easy to deploy and manage from a dedicated data center.
  • All the big organizations are turning towards hosted virtual desktop providers to gain access to this incredible feature that allows all data to be centrally managed, which helps avoid the redundant task of installing apps or updating them on each desktop system.
  • It also helps save a lot of power as an endpoint machine usually takes up less energy to compute and operate.

Why Virtual Desktops are Beneficial:

Many points can be listed out to highlight the benefits, but the following are the fundamentals that make virtual desktops too good to be true:

  • Accessibility has no bar: In a difficult situation that COVID-19 put us in, everybody is finding their way, trying to make businesses run, keep their employees safe. A virtual desktop has certainly helped organizations run successfully and flawlessly over the past year. Their investment in this has led them to save not only resources but also time. Employees can access their accounts from anywhere on any device. They can, anywhere around the clock, access grants employees flexible work hours as they can stop worrying about getting to the office and be there in person, which could potentially risk them getting infected. It allows them to finish their work with peace of mind since they now work in their homes’ comfort.
  • Cost-effective: The average cost of a single desktop setup in an office is around $400 for a simple model; if they were to go up in specs and usability, the higher-end arrangements usually do not cost less than $3500. Now multiply these costs 20 times or 50 times, considering it is an organization with a small number of employees. It is very evident that if the desktops are made virtual, this hassle is eliminated. The company will save on the setup and maintenance cost of physical desktops.
  • Security at its best: The virtual desktops have a reputation for keeping data secure compared to the data stored in actual physical desktops and hard drives as the virtual desktops can be secured with strong passwords and firewalls against hackers and cyber-criminals. If, for instance, the data is stored on an endpoint device, it becomes far more accessible for a theft to happen, as the thief can unplug the system and take it with them, and then they can retrieve any data with ease.
  • Powerful Computing: The virtual desktops have incredible computing power as the source of energy will be a very strong/ powerful data center, and it requires only the client to operate the virtual desktop.

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