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5 benefits of moving to the cloud
5 benefits of moving to the cloud

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5 benefits of moving to the cloud

Does business need clouds? Eight or ten years ago, managers and owners of companies of various sizes and spheres of business racked their brains over this issue. The concept of “nothing is safer than your own server” was in trend. And remote workplaces were perceived as something exotic and incomprehensible.

Since then, technologies have made great strides. And user awareness in cloud solutions has improved by three orders of magnitude. And now many will answer: of course, clouds. Until recently, not only business owners, but also many IT professionals were wary of the clouds. A certain conservatism worked – after all, old and time-tested methods always seem more reliable than bright new products. The information hunger and the lack of competent specialists for some time formed mythologized ideas about cloud infrastructures in society. Third, the immaturity of the technology itself, as is often the case in the early stages of implementation, sometimes led to disappointment and negative experience. business needs!

What is moving to the cloud?

In simple terms, cloud computing can be characterized as follows. It is a model of providing users with network access to a pool of computing resources through an API or a browser. It’s regardless of geographic location and time of day.

The task of configuring a cluster cloud pool that combines server and communication equipment, software and applications, additional services, storage systems, networks, etc. As well as ensuring system fault tolerance, connections to Internet networks, information security of resources and data users, maintenance and upgrades of equipment and software, etc. is the responsibility of the cloud service provider.

Users get access to cloud resources on a lease basis of the selected configuration of computing power. It can be scaled – expand or contract – depending on the current needs of the client, if necessary.

How Difficult is a Cloud Migration?

As a company uses cloud migration, the level of complexity starts to increase quite after the simpler applications have been migrated. This dependence is explained by the fact that applications and databases are the first to move.

Then there are applications that are not well designed or built on older platforms. They may not have a corresponding counterpart in the public cloud. Although legacy applications come to mind right away, they can be any services that require significant refactoring to work in the public cloud.

So what are the benefits of cloud migration?

At first glance, it seems more convenient to have a local server or even a data center at hand. But if you analyze more deeply, then there are issues of the cost and depreciation of equipment. Also there is organization of a backup site for fault tolerance. it helps to ensure the information and physical security of servers and data on them. It provides training and maintaining IT personnel. It’s used for updating systems and software and many others constitute a huge layer of problems.

1. Security

The level of reliability provided by modern cloud providers is much higher than the reliability of local resources. This is connected with the ability to purchase and maintain professional equipment, and with the conditions in the data center, necessary for fault tolerance and continuous operation of servers, and with the information security tools used when transporting data and placing it in storage. And if the cloud is deployed in the EU, the reliability of your infrastructure solution increases significantly. Setting up a backup to a remote backup storage will protect your business even better if to migrate to the cloud.

2. Scalability

Building a cloud project together with the provider’s consultants, the company determines the actual need for resources with google cloud development services. If necessary, these resources can be increased; if they are not in demand, they can be reduced to avoid overpayments for idle capacities. Such scaling in a cloud-based environment is an order of magnitude faster and more economical than in the case of a local server room;

3. Cost

The company’s costs are reduced due to the transfer of costs from CapEx to OpEx, since there is no need to keep expensive equipment and software on the company’s balance sheet, maintain a staff of engineers and technicians to maintain local IT structures, spend money on electricity and server cooling.

4. Integration

Access does not depend on the device from which the user connects to the system – it can be a personal computer at the workplace, a workstation in the “thin client” mode, a tablet, a smartphone;

5. Access

Users of the corporate system are not tied to one workplace with amazon aws consulting. Access from anywhere in the world where there is the Internet allows the company’s employees to hold working meetings online, work remotely, receive and update information while on a business trip, and even solve urgent problems while on sick leave or on vacation.

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