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Tips for Taking an Affordable Summer Trip
Tips for Taking an Affordable Summer Trip


Tips for Taking an Affordable Summer Trip

It can’t be denied that summer is the ideal season for traveling. The consistently warm weather is synonymous with good travel conditions, and the fact that many businesses offer vacation time during this period is the icing on the cake. However, since summer is also the busiest travel season of the year, certain destinations and lodgings can be particularly expensive throughout the summertime. Of course, this isn’t to say that budget-conscious travelers can’t save money on summer jaunts. If an affordable summer trip is what you’re after, take heed of the following pointers.

Book Your Travel Arrangements Far in Advance

When it comes to summertime travel, the earlier you set your plans in stone, the better. Although airfare, lodging and other travel expenses tend to be extremely pricey throughout the summer months, these same expenses are often reasonably affordable for people who make their arrangements well in advance of their respective departure dates. So, if you have your heart set on a summertime travel excursion, start making arrangements ASAP. Depending on the destination, this may be the only way to make this trip financially feasible.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Tourist-Heavy Destinations

The more visitors an area gets, the more expensive traveling to that area is likely to be. There’s little wonder as to why certain destinations are so popular. For example, New York City has rich culture, world-famous dining and more attractions than anyone could possibly enjoy in a single trip. However, it’s also teeming with tourists, which is among the reasons NYC hotel fees are so high. Furthermore, if you’re generally not fond of crowds, traveling to famous tourist destinations is liable to strengthen your disdain for large groups of people.

Fortunately, unbeknownst to scores of tourists, there are a wide range of out-of-the-way destinations scattered across the U.S., many of which provide travelers with just as much enjoyment as any sprawling metropolis – and for much lower prices. Numerous small towns and mid-sized cities are home to unique local culture that simply can’t be found anywhere else. For instance, anyone who will soon be charting a course for Maryland’s capital city can find an abundance of fun-filled local activities with the help of What’s Up Annapolis events.

Don’t Eat Every Meal at a Restaurant

Dining at interesting restaurants and sampling one-of-a-kind local cuisine are staples of any successful travel excursion. However, this doesn’t mean that every meal you consume while on vacation should come from a restaurant. In addition to being a bad idea for your waistline, eating all of your meals at restaurants can place a considerable strain on your travel budget, particularly if you’re with a large travel party.

Luckily, there are numerous ways to avoid excessive restaurant dining while still being able to eat your fill. For instance, you could stay at a hotel that offers a complimentary breakfast buffet. Additionally, some resort hotels provide guests with free buffets for all three meals. Also, upon reaching your destination, take care to familiarize yourself with at least once local grocery store, as this will ensure that you have a place to purchase meal supplies and snacks.

At the very least, you should eat at least one non-restaurant meal a day. Depending on how many people are in your travel party, this small act of restraint stands to save you upward of $100 per day, thereby freeing up funds for other areas of your vacation. Instead of going out to lunch, for example, you could purchase assorted sandwich ingredients and snacks from a local grocery store and pack a makeshift feast that you and your travel companions can eat on the go. In addition to helping you save you money, this will make the restaurant meals that you do get to indulge in seem all the more special.

Don’t Eat Every Meal at a Restaurant

When most of us hear the word “vacation,” our minds go directly to summertime. Since summer is commonly associated with beautiful weather and a relaxed atmosphere, it isn’t hard to see why many travelers regard it as the perfect season for vacationing. Of course, this isn’t to say that ambitious summertime travel excursions are always affordable. In fact, depending on the destination, traveling during the summer is liable to prove financially ruinous. So, if you’re looking to embark on a fun summertime jaunt without breaking the bank, consider the tips discussed above.

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