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The perfect piece to flaunt your stunning and timeless look
The perfect piece to flaunt your stunning and timeless look


The perfect piece to flaunt your stunning and timeless look

Are you bored with the accessories that you already have? Do you want to add some jewellery to your collection? Women all over the world, since olden times, are known for their adornments. It is a matter of pride to adorn and set a trend for others to follow. How amazing is the feeling of being a trendsetter! All women would love to have that title. Along with that owning and styling jewellery also add to your personality and glam. Therefore, selecting the perfect piece of jewellery which you can use on festive occasions is significant. It is also crucial to pair it up with the right attire that will add to your fashion and style making you look stunning. Sometimes it is difficult to do that as you get confused to pair them correctly.

However, you can pair your diamond earrings with any dark-coloured attire and you are ready to shine on all the occasions that you are going to. Diamond is so precious and so it increases your value and personality when you put them on. It adds a lovely lustre to your face too. Below are some of the types of earrings that you can add to your collection so that you can match them and wear them on different occasions and grab everyone’s attention-

  • Studs – These are the popular diamond earrings that are simple yet elegant. You can pair it with any outfit and look glamorous. It is the best earring if you desire a minimalistic look.
  • Hoops – These are the sophisticated and subtle earrings that you can choose to wear every day. The bigger hoop earrings can be worn at evening parties.
  • Huggie hoops – These are basically thicker versions of hoops earrings and are perfect for any occasion. As the name suggests, they kind of hug the earlobe.
  • J-Hoop Earrings – These earrings are more or less similar to the huggie hoops but the difference is it is not fully circled but is open at the back. Hence, it looks like the letter J and so the name J-Hoop earrings.
  • Drop earrings – These are meant to be stationary and drop a little below the earlobe. You can pair it with a diamond pendant and you are ready for any party.
  • Dangle Earrings – These are perfect for any occasion and they dangle when you move. It is available in different sizes. It also has multiple layers. So, you can choose that best suits the occasion and goes well with your attire.
  • Chandelier earrings – As the name implies, these are like the chandelier fixtures and is meant for the ear. It gives a grand look and enhances your look. You can pair it with a diamond necklace and gets everybody’s attention.

You can collect and wear these earrings as per the occasion and your likes. A diamond ring is always in fashion because of its priceless look and beauty. If you don’t own one or are planning to present it to someone you can check out the diamond rings on Melorra. You will get a lot of options to choose from and it is affordable too.

You can surprise your partner by gifting them one diamond ring. It will make your relationship stronger and a chance to reflect your personality.

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