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The Best IPL Products to Use for Hair Removal

If you remove hair from any part of your body, you know how much upkeep it ends up requiring. You love the feel of your freshly-shaven legs, but that feeling only seems to last a day or two before you start dealing with annoying stubble soon after.

Making an appointment for waxings every month can be time-consuming, painful and a little awkward, to be honest. There has to be a better way.

If you’re tired of waxing and shaving day in and day out, you may be seeking a new method of hair removal to add to your arsenal. But how can you do it? Enter: IPL hair removal products.

At-Home Laser Hair Removal

IPL stands for intense pulsed light, which is fancy for laser treatment. IPL is used not only in the treatment of unwanted hair removal, but it can also be used to correct dark circles and age spots on the skins.

With the rising popularity of IPL or laser hair removal, companies have been striving to make it more accessible and affordable to the average household. Today, technology has advanced so far that you can get all of the same benefits from a trip to the medspa for laser removal treatment right from the comfort of your own home.

A Small Laser that Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

When searching for an IPL product to use at home, you actually need to think small. A small device that fits just in the palm of your hand can make removing hair anywhere a breeze.

The best IPL hair removal product to add to your routine is a small, handheld laser hair removal device that is rechargeable and lightweight. This makes it easier to maneuver, creating a smaller chance of accidentally burning or zapping yourself (ouch).

It will also take up less space in your bathroom. After all, you don’t have an entire spa to work out of.

Useful for All Kinds of Laser Hair Removal

The right IPL laser for household use is going to be ideal for removing all kinds of hair.

Traditionally, laser hair removal is done anywhere and everywhere on the body except the eyelids. The best IPL product to use for at-home removal will do the same, offering hair removal for everything from head to toe.

A Long-Lasting IPL Product

If you are looking to invest in an IPL laser, it’s going to be anything but cheap. A quality product will be a bit pricy, but the upfront cost will always be worth it.

When you spend that much money, though, you deserve a laser that lasts. The best IPL products last up to 10 years for touch-ups required to have that smooth, hair-free skin of your dreams.

They will also be rechargeable so that you don’t have to run to the store to buy batteries when you run out. Your IPL laser should be able to go a while in between charges.

Various Settings for Different Parts of the Body

Since the different parts of your body have different kinds of hair, your laser should be able to adjust to suit every inch of you and your hair. Hair lasers also need to have different settings available depending on your skin tone as well, due to how the laser uses light therapy to burn the hairs away.

Quick Results that Last

You need your at-home laser to not only do its job and do it well but also get it done quickly. Laser hair removal’s biggest claim to fame is how long it gives you hair-free skin for longer, and an at-home version of the same should have similar results.

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