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6 Common Myths about Hair Transplant

No one among us is comfortable with the bald patches. Just like our skin or youth, we also take our hair for granted. Poor hair health or you can say uncontrolled hair fall can ultimately result in hair loss. Over time, this hair fall can turn into either male or female pattern baldness.

Hair loss- what’s the solution?

But is there anything you can do about this? When we look in the market, there is a lot we can find.

Whether it’s the magic regrowth oil or supplements, the list is never-ending. These hair loss products are nothing more than clear-marketed scams.

Apart from all these solutions, hair transplant is a new trend in the market. You might think of getting a hair transplant because maybe your favorite celebrity got one or you see someone in your circle getting one. My father went through a similar experience after one of his friends got a hair transplant in Lahore and got many questions about the situation.

If you are also hunting for more information on hair transplant, I suggest you go through this article

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is the surgical method that is used to add hair to the scalp where you are seeing bald patches or noticing hair thinning. There are two common methods of hair transplant, including

  1. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)
  2. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

The choice of any of these methods depends upon the requirement of transplant, cost and personal choice of the patient.

What are the reasons people get a hair transplant?

Well, people can get due to several reasons, including;

  • After a hair transplant, you get natural-looking hair which is not possible with hair loss treatment methods
  • There are relatively lower risk associated with hair transplant
  • Results of hair transplant are long-lasting, unlike other hair regrowth methods

Common myths about hair transplant

But just like any other thing, there are several myths doing rounds around the practice of hair transplant. I came across all this misinformation when my uncle who got a hair transplant from Bahria Orchard hospital was trying my father for the hair transplant.

Here are some of the common myths about hair transplant

Myth # 1

Only men can get a hair transplant

When we hear the word hair transplant, we unintentionally associate it with males, however, there is no truth in this. Hair transplant isn’t related to genetics and both men and women can get equally benefited from this. The concept arises from the observation that male pattern baldness is more common than female pattern baldness but doesn’t restrict women from getting treatment.

Myth # 2

Hair transplant gives immediate results

Unfortunately, it’s not true. Just like your fad hair magic oil the outcomes of hair transplant are not immediate. The transplanted hair usually falls off within a few weeks after transplant but their root stays. It takes time to grow new hair from the roots of transplanted hair. So, have some patience as it can take 9-10 months to see visible growth.

Myth # 3

Hair transplant outcomes are permanent

People indeed prefer hair transplant because their results are long-lasting but remember they aren’t permanent. Hair transplant promotes the growth of new scalp hair but it doesn’t prevent hair loss. You need to get additional treatment for your hair fall either in the form of ointments, creams, sprays or oils.

Myth # 4

Hair transplant works best for younger people

Most people believe that if you are young you will get more benefit from the hair transplant procedure. But there is no reason behind this claim the outcomes are opposite. People losing hair at their young ages will probably need more hair transplant sessions than older men.

Myth # 5

Hair transplant is very painful

Just because it’s a surgical procedure, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be painful. The reason is very clear, the procedure is performed after given anesthesia. Yes, people going through a hair transplant might feel some discomfort but the procedure isn’t very painful.

Myth # 6

You can’t wash your hair after a hair transplant but remember washing your hair doesn’t intervene with the outcomes of the hair transplant procedure.

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