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Take along your camera when you travel
Take along your camera when you travel


Take along your camera when you travel

You can make a lot of money by taking photos while traveling. Although there are many ways to make money with photos, such as stock photography, however, people only need so many photographs of sunsets or landscapes. You might have some passive income if you can take pictures of models. This is not the purpose of this method.

Your services can be offered to amateur/intermediate photographers to capture special moments and then sell the images for a profit. My mother complained to everyone that she didn’t have any family photos. She also cursed the fact that she couldn’t use a camera when it was available.

Technology advances and times change, so it’s almost impossible to not have someone with a camera. If we’re honest, most people aren’t great or even average photographers.

Here’s where you come in. This method should be profitable if you can offer high quality images at affordable prices. It can be hard to get started with potential clients, but it is possible.

Let’s start with the basics:

You will need a cheap memory stick ($10 each from eBay, electronic retailer, etc.) and a digital camera. It is a good idea to have a small portfolio of images that you have taken in similar circumstances.

  1. First, you must find potential buyers. My favorite place to find clients is in parks and picnic areas. This method is not recommended for beaches or playgrounds. You don’t want people to get the wrong impression.
  2. Engage in conversation with others. I’m not a hard sell guy, and this approach would probably fail. It’s easy to start a conversation by asking them how they are enjoying their picnic, or what they are doing.
  3. Let them know about your travels. Let them know about the places you’ve been, and what you’ve done. Do not be afraid to tell them all about your service. They might try to tell you to leave in bad terms but that has never happened to us. Even though they don’t purchase portraits, most people agree that it’s a wonderful idea.
  4. Show them your portfolio and explain what your service does. Here’s how it works:

Take some high quality family portraits.

You can upload them directly to your computer.

Let the customer decide what shots they like.

Save the images to a memory stick.

Give the client the memory stick.

I charge $20 for the first shot, which covers the setup and memory stick costs. Five additional shots are charged at $5 each. If they purchase five photos and I have other great images, I will include them on their drive for free.

Get paid. If the client does not have enough cash, accepting payment can be difficult. If the buyer realizes they don’t have enough cash after the work is completed, you will have to decide what to do.

You could make a website and link to PayPal so that they can pay for your photos. If you do a good work, people are often honest and will pay.

You can even create a more complicated site where you can upload photos. Once payment has been received, the customer can download those images.

Although i know this post isn’t about stock photography, you might offer people free images if they sign a model release and the images are high quality. Tell the client about stock photography and why you would be willing to give them away. You can upload the images to to make passive income if everything goes according to plan.

There you have it. This is a simple way to make money and keep you traveling. Although it takes practice and hard work, it can be a great way to fund your trip. Start improving your photography skills by reading a few books if you’re not confident.It is possible to travel there via Flyadeal and Egypt Air.

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