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Solar Installation Fresno [Every thing you need to know]

Components of Solar System

A solar system is made up of solar panels, solar mounts, Solar-inverter with the controller, solar grid, and solar storage battery. According to Best Solar Company Fresno, these parts can be installed on the roof by experts in the following ways:

Installation Steps in Fresno:

Step 1: Select the Correct Position

Select the proper area for solar panel installation. The area must receive maximum sunlight on either the east or west side of the roof.

Step 2: Organize the Scaffolding

Start the installation process, by straightening all scaffolding. It assure safety during the installation process on the roof.

Step 3: Solar Panel Mounts Installation

Then, set up the mounting system of the solar panel. It works as the base for solar panels. The mounting system should be tilted and set up at an angle between 18 to 36 degrees. It assure maximum sunlight reaches the solar panels. These mounts must be placed at a distance of four feet on the rafters’ top.

By using blueprints of homes or stud finder and find the rafters. Drill holes in the rafters. Steel bolts will fix the solar panel mounts on the roof. Steel bolts with the seal around the bolt are used to secure the thermal envelope tight.

Step 4: Solar panels Installation

After the installation of the mounting system, solar panels are installed on the system itself. Tighten all the bolts or screws and nuts and panels stays fixed. Solar panels are placed adjacent to each other but have some distance between them. Make it possible that all the solar panels are placed at a distance of 2-3 mm because metal expands in summers. At a time of peak efficiency, airflow help to operate panels. Solar panels can be covered to avoid dust, water, and expansion.

Step 5: Wiring of Solar Panels

After the installation of solar panels, the next step is to install the electrical wiring system. MC4 connectors are single-contact electrical connectors. These connectors are commonly used to connect all types of solar panels.

MC4 stands for manufacturer Multi-Contact and 4 for its 4mm pin diameter. Solar panels are wired by connecting the positive terminal of one panel with the negative terminal of another panel in series. When solar panels are connected in series it adds up the voltage but the amperes of panels remains the same.

Step 6: Solar Inverter Installation

The inverter must be connected to the panel system after electrical wiring. The inverter can be placed outdoor or indoors but commonly installed near the panels.

An inverter works efficiently when placed in a cool place. If installed outside the house placed where sunlight is not reached. If installed inside so must place in an area with good ventilation like a utility room, or garage.

Step 7: Connect Solar Inverter to Solar Battery

After the solar inverter installation connects it to the solar battery. Solar battery stores the extra energy or power from solar panels. This energy is used during peak times, electricity outages, and during cloudy weather. It can easily bear load shifts. It reduces electricity bills.

Step 8: Inverter Connection with Consumer Unit

Then inverter attaches to the consumer unit of house, office, or industry to generate electricity. A generation meter must be connected to check the amount of electric current produce by the solar panels. The performance of a solar system can be checked from a computer or mobile. It will a person to check which time is right for using washing machines.

Step 9: Operate and Test Solar Panels

After the complete installation operates solar panels to switch the power on. Now a person can test the performance of newly installed solar panels.


Solar systems are commonly used in this era of inflation. Solar panels produce electricity using the sunlight and that DC to AC by inverter and used in houses, offices, and industries. It produces an electric current at a cheaper rate. So, this solar system is installed easily by experts in Fresno on the roofs and are efficient.

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