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wiper seal
wiper seal


What Wiper Seals do? Everything you need to know about


As the name indicates, it is a type of seal used in Hydraulic and other cylinders. It is of immense importance in Hydraulic systems. In this article, we have tried our best to describe all the aspects relating to Wiper Seals. 

What are Wiper Seals? 

As we know, Hydraulic Cylinders have a vast application in civil engineering and have a great exposure to dust, debris, etc. So there are chances of dust entering inside these Hydraulic Cylinders. To prevent the dust from entering inside, we have to use wiper seals. These seals are fitted outside Hydraulic cylinders’ bodies and do not allow dust or debris to enter the cylinders.  

From a functional point of view, Wiper Seals are axial seals that allow a reciprocating shaft to pass through the seal’s inner bore. They create a tight fit while still permitting a reciprocating rod to travel via the inner seal bore.

The function of Wiper Seals: 

Wiper Seals are also called Scraper Seals. As described earlier, Wiper seals are used with Hydraulic cylinders and prevent them from dust, debris, etc. Wiper Seals are fitted on the outer side of the head of cylinders. So wiper seals function mainly to remove dust.  

Along with dust, debris, etc., Wiper Seals also prevent moisture and fluid from entering the cylinders. Thus act as a protector of Hydraulic cylinders.  

Forms of Wiper Seals:

Wiper seals come in a different form, depending on the type of hydraulic cylinder seals used. Some are resistant, while some are flexible, depending upon the type of material used to create it. Following are some of the types of wiper seals used commonly in our Hydraulic systems : 

  • Polyurethane wipers seals.  
  • Polyester wiper seals.  
  • Metallic wiper seals.  

Applications of Wiper Seals: 

As described above, wiper seals are used in Hydraulic systems to prevent dust, moisture, and fluids. So wiper seals are widely used in different Hydraulic systems. We will list some of these systems for you. Following are the names of some of these applications: 

  • Automotive plants.  
  • Lift trucks.  
  • Hydraulic Presses.  
  • Earthmoving machinery.  
  • Chemical pumps.  
  • Cement industry.  
  • Food processing.  
  • Construction equipment.  
  • Marine equipment.  
  • Package filling machines.  
  • Rubber and Plastic.  
  • Production of tires.  
  • Drilling equipment.  
  • Manufacture of paints and solvents.  
  • Heavy equipment.  
  • Oil and Petrochemical industry.  

Advantages of using Wiper Seals: 

Wiper seals are of immense importance in Hydraulic systems. Hydraulic systems will come through many waste materials and fluids without these seals and cannot work correctly with full efficiency. So we need to use wiper seals for the proper functioning of Hydraulic cylinders. Some of the benefits of using wiper seals are listed below: 

1: Extra-ordinary Sliding properties: 

As we know that the wiper seals allow the reciprocating shaft to pass through the seal’s inner bore. For this function, wiper seals are designed with brilliant sliding properties that allow a reciprocating shaft to pass through its inner bore.  

2: Long Shelf life: 

Wiper seals are highly resistant to wear and tears and thus has a very long shelf life. 

3: Temperature Resistant: 

Like Hydraulic Cylinders, wiper seals can also tolerate a wide range of temperatures. This property allows wiper seals to survive the harsh environment.  

4: Installation Groove: 

Wiper seals have a small installation groove.  

Disadvantages of Wiper Seals: 

Along with these advantages, wiper seals also have some drawbacks that affect its efficiency. Some of these drawbacks are explained below: 

1: Leakage: 

It is the only drawback that comes in our mind while discussing wiper seals. Due to the Leakage of the O-Ring, wiper seals can also get damaged, resulting in leakage. Wiper seals have a fragile membrane. So when there is leakage of O-Ring, wiper seals also show leakage, and it is just above the leakage of O-Ring. 

2: Expensive: 

Some of the mechanical seal is very expensive. But it is just a one-time investment. 

7: Our Verdict: 

Wiper seals are used along with Hydraulic systems to save them from dust, debris, moisture, and fluids. Hydraulic systems are sensitive to these waste materials, so wiper seals prevent them from any damage. These seals are used in almost every Hydraulic Cylinders. Wiper seals have outstanding sliding properties and long shelf life. That is why wiper seals are preferred in Hydraulic systems. The other problem faced by the user is its leakage.  

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