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Safety Rules at home and electrical Safety Rules

There are sever safety rules at home and electrical safety rules that should be followed while handling any domestic electrical appliances. In this blog, the most important Safety rules at home and Electrical Safety Rules have been provided.

The following are the electrical precautions that should be followed in the home to protect your appliances and also yourself from getting hurt.

1. Never touch any electrical appliances with wet hands:

The first and foremost point in Safety Rules is Never made contact with any electrical appliances with wet hands.

The most common mistake many people do is switching Off the restroom and bathroom switches with wet hands. It might give you seriously hurt sometimes. Check twice whether your hand is wet or not before using switches.

2. Never keep any highly inflammable substance near to live wires:

It was highly recommended not to keep any inflammable substances near to live wires. Any small spark will blast the entire house. So never ever keep inflammable liquid or powdered substances near to live wires. You can also install a number of sensors to prevent damage.

Different types and uses of sensors – Read this post

3. Check Domestic Fuse for maintenance:

A Fuse should be checked at regular intervals whether it was in normal working condition. In case if the Fuse got damaged replace it with another Fuse wire or replace the entire Fuse carrier and Use only high standard Fuse carrier. The direct connection should not be given even for a few hours.

4. Never connect the wires directly to socket:

In any case, don’t connect wires directly to the socket. Use three pin plug without fail. There might be a high chance of damage in case if you use wires directly to socket.

Safety rules at home are not that much difficult to follow.

5. Do not overload:

Do not overload electrical appliances. If your room has only one socket, then use it for a single purpose only. It was not recommended to use socket splitter as it may cause serious damage to both users and appliances. If you want more socket then consult a technician.

6. Stay safe from heating devices:

Heating devices like heater, the toaster can cause you serious trouble if not used properly. While handling heaters use a wooden stick to turn “ON” and turn “OFF”. A great care should be made on using these devices.

7. Unplug appliances when cleaning:

Turn Off the appliances when not in use. At the time of cleaning, Unplug the appliances from the sockets. Even if you turned Off the appliance but when connected to the plug it can cause trouble.

8. Never play with electrical equipment:

Never play with electrical equipment. Never allow your kids to operate switchboard and sockets. Don’t keep any tables or chair near the switchboard. Take care of your kids on using these.

9. Turn Off main supply in an abnormal event:

If you come across any abnormal things like smoke from wire, a smell from melting of the wire, any blasts in a circuit board and so on simply turn Off the Main Supply then call a technician.

10. Don’t touch control board unnecessarily:

Only use control board during an emergency situation. Repair or Install new things with experts or technicians only. Don’t try to do it on yourself.

Follow these safety rules at home and electrical safety rules to live a happy life.

Stay updated to know more about safety.


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