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North Bangalore vs South Bangalore
North Bangalore vs South Bangalore


North Bangalore vs South Bangalore

North Bengaluru is now known for its high-end residential apartments, particularly on Bellary and Hebbal Road. The new airport and other infrastructure upgrades are to thank for this. However, North Bengaluru is still under construction.

South Bengaluru, on the other hand, is already well-developed and has an established infrastructure. It’s also close to several of the city’s most important workplaces. South Bengaluru is also seeing a steady increase in investment. However, such diversity breeds complexity.

The city’s expanding population has split between the old South Bengaluru and the newer North Bengaluru. It may appear to be a challenging decision at first. So, before deciding whether you want to look up luxury apartments in north Bangalore, here are some crucial considerations to think of when making this selection. Use these numbers and data to figure out what’s best for you.

North Bengaluru 

The construction of the Kempegowda international airport in Hebbal sowed the initial seeds of growth in the North zone. High-net-worth individuals (HNIs) and non-resident Indians (NRIs) began flocking to the neighborhood, and Hebbal quickly grew to include opulent villas, inexpensive homes, and luxury flats.

With the establishment of offices by aerospace, PSUs, defense, and information technology corporations, development accelerated. Elevated expressways, wide roadways, and metro connectivity quickly became important factors in boosting residential housing demand.

North Bengaluru is well-connected to Kirloskar Tech Park, Manyata Tech Park, and other employment centers via major routes like the Outer Ring Road, Bellary Road, and Tumkur Road. North Bengaluru’s social infrastructure is well-developed, with several prestigious schools and hospitals.

The area’s healthcare choices include Columbia Asia, Fortis Hospital, and Omega Multispecialty. There are multiple schools in the area, such as VIBGYOR, Kendriya Vidyalaya, and Orchids International. North Bengaluru, home to well-known malls such as Elements and Orion, offers a diverse range of options for a friend’s night out or a weekend adventure with the family. 

South Bengaluru

South Bengaluru has more mid-segment and cheap housing debuts than North Bengaluru, which has seen more luxury and premium launches in the second half of 2013. South Bengaluru has the advantage of being greener, with well-established facilities and lifestyle advantages.

The state government’s development initiatives in the South include the Elevated Expressway, the Bengaluru Metro Rail Project, and the future Bengaluru-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor. In North Bengaluru, similar infrastructural development is fairly restricted.

In the last few months, South Bengaluru has increased attention, with several big developers announcing high-end debuts, particularly in the Banashankari VI stage-Kanakapura Road area. “While the rates are reasonable, the covered space in these houses is significantly larger than those in North Bengaluru.

The supply and demand in South Bengaluru were in favor of demand in the April-June 2014 period, according to PropIndex statistics. This included the Rs 1 crore and over category, which had an 18% increase in demand despite only a 15% increase in supply in the same quarter. The supply of 4BHK and above homes fell by 4%, while demand fell by only three points.

The vast gulf between South and North Bengaluru continues to widen as Bengaluru grows. This makes deciding where to purchase real estate incredibly challenging. Instead, rather than relying on one person’s opinion, make a list of all the worries and factors that will impact your decision whether you want to consider luxury apartments in north Bangalore.

Making a list of the advantages and disadvantages of each location can help you make an informed selection. Then you can write your chapter’s conclusion on the major controversy between South and North Bangalore.

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