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Mobile game development is our tomorrow
Mobile game development is our tomorrow

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Mobile game development is our tomorrow

A mobile game development company should always consider current trends and look a little into the future. Every year, new trends appear that indicate changes, and there is no other way out, except for adaptation to the constantly evolving world. An attempt to produce a successful mobile app with an engineering that was considered innovative 5 years ago hardly even guarantees its entry into the market. It is very important to consider the latest tendency when developing applications.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This trend should be followed by developers of all directions. AI has become one of the main trends in mobile applications back in 2020, and will definitely remain on the list of favorites in 2021.

Modern search engines, virtual assistant solutions, the marketplace, business automation and user preferences are all now widely used in the smartphone world. In fact, the introduction of AI and ML into smartphones is a factor that has helped the segment to perform at a very high level. If you want to implement any of these technologies in the game, welcome to the world of Android game development.

Today, the user spends a lot of time with his smartphone, so ML comes in handy here. Agree, who will refuse the necessary application, which will be personalized especially for him alone? TV and movie recommendations based on personal preference, suggestions for visiting various places and Tinder.

Why not make games just as personalized? Let’s start with the fact that if you have downloaded any game, artificial intelligence will offer you to download similar ones in the Play Market and AppStore. You will also be shown ads for similar games. In the game itself, you are pumping a personal character. How can you add personalization to a place where everything has already been selected for a specific person?

In mobile games, they are trying to add characteristics of a character, which he will acquire based on your personal interests. For example, a user loves cars and often views advertisements for parts. The same skill or hobby can be borrowed by your game character. Although there is a minus in this trend. What if a person wants to see their character different from themselves? This feature, like annoying ads, can be turned off.

Mobile recreation

Again, about COVID-19, which set its own conditions and said how people should shop and spend their leisure time. So, we won’t surprise you if we say that the mobile gaming segment, like the entire gaming industry, has skyrocketed. Not to be unfounded: in previous year, earnings from mobile games was $ 77.2 billion, which is 13.3% more than a year earlier. And do not even doubt that 2021 will break all records in terms of performance.

In addition to toys, this item includes all those applications that help to make the world of an isolated or remotely working person brighter and give it meaning. Apps for streaming TV (Netflix), home workouts and relaxation, games with augmented reality (Pokémon Go, Witcher Monster Slayer) are used by users as an alternative to activities unavailable in times of social distancing. Yes, mobile entertainment is in 2021.

We would like to focus especially on augmented and virtual reality technologies (AR and VR, respectively). It seems to us that augmented reality is more interesting. Current VR is far from perfect and makes you feel sick. We are expecting new AR products this year! For example, Apple has been setting the AR stage for Apple Glass for years! At one time, Google Glass failed miserably. We hope that Apple, with its AR experience and a long history of revolutionary products, will change the attitude towards this type of wearable gadgets and the whole direction of augmented reality. If the project proves to be successful, it will up games to the next level. IT studios will begin to implement this idea also on Android, which will increase the number of fans tenfold.

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