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Learning Salesforce with Cloud Pacific Training Courses in Hawaii
Learning Salesforce with Cloud Pacific Training Courses in Hawaii


Learning Salesforce with Cloud Pacific Training Courses in Hawaii

Cloud Pacific is a Salesforce training and consulting company, located in Hawaii and aims to help companies get the most out of Salesforce. Cloud Pacific offers useful Salesforce services like staff augmentation, Salesforce implementation, and Salesforce optimization.

Cloud Pacific is a Salesforce partner and also offers Salesforce training courses in Hawaii and to others throughout the country. Each course targets a different Salesforce area, so you can choose the right course based on your own needs. Titan Salesforce Survey is used for collecting feedback and data from your users or customers by using a simple editor.

Cloud Pacific Offers Four Salesforce Training Courses

Below is the description of each Salesforce course offered by Cloud Pacific.

  1. Apex for Salesforce Admins

If you are a Salesforce admin, this course can help you learn Salesforce-specific coding and programming to get the most out of your Salesforce organization. You will learn coding and languages by using developer resources. This course will teach you how to create business apps, batch classes, code triggers, and much more.

The course duration spans from three to four days. It has two prerequisites which are Salesforce Certified Administrator and Salesforce Certified App Builder.

  1. Salesforce Implementation Strategy

Are you an IT director or executive? Then you should consider this course. The course content is designed specifically for IT directors to help them implement Salesforce in their company. You will learn different ways of implementing Salesforce, according to your business goals and needs.

You will also learn the basic Salesforce implementation techniques that will assist you in automating your business. It is a one-day course and has no prerequisites.

  1. Lightning Web Components (LWC)

Do you want to improve your database programming skills and extend them to front-end programming skills? If yes, this course is for you. The Lightning Web Components (LWC) course will teach you how to use the LWC framework to build customized apps.

Lightning Web Components course will take around four to five days. It has three prerequisites: Salesforce Certified Administrator, Salesforce Certified App Builder, and Salesforce Certified Platform Dev 1.

  1. Pardot Administrator Training

Pardot is a marketing tool that companies use to increase their sales and create more pipelines. In Pardot Administrator Training, you will learn the basics of Pardot, and how you can use it with Salesforce to improve your business performance. This course will introduce you to all the key Pardot features so that you know the purpose and benefit of each feature.

What are the Different Types of Salesforce Training Courses?

Salesforce courses can be divided into different types based on their teaching methods. Below are the common types of Salesforce training courses.

  • Instructor-led courses: An instructor will teach you Salesforce directly. This enables you to ask questions directly during classes, and is suitable for people who like teaching directly from a trainer with a more hands on approach.
  • In-app guided courses: You will learn and practice Salesforce simultaneously with this method.
  • Self-paced courses: There is no time restriction, and you can work through the course material in a timeframe that you find feasible. It is suitable for busy people who cannot make time for classes that have time restrictions.

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