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How to Unlock iPhone without Passcode
How to Unlock iPhone without Passcode

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How to Unlock iPhone without Passcode

It could be your friend, child, spouse, or acquaintance that inputs the wrong passcode in a bid to unlock your iPhone. For someone not conversant with iPhone security, he/she may have gotten the phone disabled before realizing what is going on. Changing of passcode too often can also cause you to forget the correct one.

When a wrong passcode has been used 6 consecutive times, the correct passcode will no longer be able to unlock the phone. Then, you need to know how to unlock iPhone without passcode.

iPhone Screen Lock Security

iPhone series have been extolled for quality and durability. The latest member of the family is the iPhone 13 and it is nothing short of class and exquisiteness. The screen lock function is important for the protection of user information. A unique passcode is set to unlock the phone by the owner, thus hindering access by strangers.

Unlike what happens in many Android devices, a wrong passcode can get an iPhone disabled. A disabled device needs to be wiped and restored to default. This article is going to address the various ways of how to unlock iPhone passcode.

How to Unlock iPhone without Passcode

The unlocking of a disabled iPhone can be done using various methods. The passcode at this stage is useless and the phone data has to be wiped and restored to default. Here are three main methods of unlocking the iPhone without the passcode.

Unlocking with iCloud

Another mobile phone can be used to unlock a disabled iPhone is iCloud. This method depends on the “Find my Phone” option. This feature must be enabled on the phone for it to work. Another phone is used to open and the Apple account associated with the phone is logged into.

All the Apple devices connected to that account are displayed. The disabled phone is selected and the “erase iPhone” option is selected. This wipes the passcode and other data away from the phone. That way, the phone gets unlocked without the use of a passcode.

Unlocking with iTunes

The IPhone is disabled, connecting to iTunes is a usual message when an iPhone gets disabled. iTunes can be used to unlock a disabled iPhone without the passcode. It is the primary method that works when the “Find my Phone” option is not enabled. If this option is enabled, the iTunes method will not work.

To unlock with iTunes, open iTunes on a computer and connect the disabled phone with a lightning cable. Select the “restore iPhone” command once the phone has been detected. This command will erase all the data on the phone and restore it to default. The passcode will be wiped with the other data on the phone. Backed-up data on iTunes can be restored on the iPhone after the unlocking has been completed.

Unlocking with Dr.Fone

A third option to unlock an iPhone without a passcode is with a special tool from Wondershare. Dr.Fone is a complete tool that can be used for mobile management of both iOS and Android devices. An important feature of this software is unlocking disabled iPhones. The Dr.Fone is a desktop software that can be used for several purposes like both iOS and Android system repair, phone data transfer, data backup, password manager, and many more asides from unlocking a disabled iPhone.

Dr.Fone- iPhone Screen Unlock can be used in about 7 simple steps. These steps include:

  1. First, Download, install, and launch the Dr.Fone software on your desktop. Then select the “Screen Unlock” option. Dr.Fone software
  2. Connect the iPhone to the desktop with a USB or lightning cable and wait for the software to access the device. Once this happens, click the “Unlock IOS Screen” Connect the iPhone
  3. Follow the instruction on the screen to activate the DFU mode on the iPhone. DFU mode
  4. Then input the relevant details for your iPhone model to allow the download of the latest firmware version of your iPhone. firmware version
  5. Once the download is complete, click the “unlock now” option. unlock now
  6. Input the confirmation that is displayed on the screen to begin the unlocking process. the unlocking process
  7. This will unlock the device by erasing all data. When it is done, the phone will be fully unlocked and feel like a new one. unlock the device by erasing all data

Closing Words

Unlocking an iPhone without passcode becomes an all-important step when the wrong passcode has been used enough times to get the phone disabled. Several methods that can be used have been enumerated. Apple features such as iTunes, and iCloud are usually meant to achieve this unlocking. But there is a more convenient way with Dr.Fone. This versatile tool does not only unlock a screen without passcode, it has a lot of functions. Few of these functions include data transfer across operating systems, backup of mobile data, WhatsApp transfer, data recovery, and system repair among others.

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