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How To Transform Your Backyard Into A Greenhouse
How To Transform Your Backyard Into A Greenhouse

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How To Transform Your Backyard Into A Greenhouse

So, you’ve caught quite a gardening bug and now you’re thinking of growing different plants all year round. With the changing seasons and unpredictable weather, it could be difficult to grow certain plants, vegetables, or flowers in a normal environment. But if you’re really interested in starting your own botanical garden, you could look into transforming your backyard into a greenhouse.

A greenhouse can help you in providing a perfect and thriving environment for anything that you want to grow. Whether you’re thinking of extending your growing season or you just want to jumpstart the spring season earlier, building a greenhouse is your best bet. And if you don’t have enough space for it, look around you. Your backyard is just waiting to be transformed into a green haven.

The Greenhouse Effect

Before getting started, it’s important that you’re clear on what your goal is. What types of plants do you plan on growing in your greenhouse? How much space will you need for it? Keep in mind that a structure like this is a long-term investment that would cost you money, time, and dedication. Greenhouse gardening isn’t anything like the regular kind of gardening you do in your backyard.

Depending on where you live, you may need to check with your local government regarding ordinances on building a greenhouse. In communities with a homeowners’ association, you may be required to get a permit before you can get started on your structure.

Finding The Perfect Location

When transforming your backyard into a greenhouse, you also need to specifically locate where you plan on placing the structure. Greenhouses should be able to provide a sunny and warm environment for your greeneries, so it’s important that you choose the spot quite meticulously. Do note that you can’t move your glasshouse around, which is why the location you’ll go for needs to be the most ideal site for it.

The most ideal orientation for a greenhouse is a location that faces the south or southeast part of your backyard. This ensures that the early morning sun will be captured. Try to find a spot that receives around six hours of uninterrupted sun exposure each day.

Choosing The Right Kind Of Structure

If you think that building a greenhouse would involve a lot of hard work on your end, that’s not always the case. There are now versatile structures that you can choose from, depending on the size of the greenhouse that you prefer, as well as the landscape of the backyard where you’ll be putting it.

Additionally, the kind of structure that you choose could also impact the existing landscape of your backyard, particularly if you don’t plan on using the entire space for the greenhouse alone. You also need to consider how the landscape can be affected or if you have bigger plans to redesign everything to make sure that the greenhouse will complement your small backyards’ landscape.

There are freestanding greenhouses that can stand on their own and won’t need any support from another foundation or structure. It typically looks like a small house that you can place anywhere in your backyard or garden. Take a look at this video to have an idea of how this type of greenhouse looks like.

Aside from freestanding greenhouses, here are also other types of structures you can choose from:

  • Attached Greenhouses: Also called the lean-to greenhouse, this structure makes use of an existing sturdy wall to serve as the sides of the greenhouse.
  • Mini Greenhouses: This type of kit works perfectly for little backyards that don’t offer a lot of space for a full greenhouse structure. With a mini one, you can still grow your favorite plants despite the space restriction. It’s also easier to maintain.
  • Hoop-House Greenhouses: This structure makes use of plastic film and metal hoops that resembles the style of a military hut.

If you want a greenhouse that’s easy to build and won’t consume a lot of materials, you can consider the A-frame structure that’s also perfect for a small backyard.

Regulating The Temperature In Your Greenhouse

One of the challenges you’ll face when building and maintaining the greenhouse is how you can regulate the inside temperature. This is an important factor to note because it can get really hot during the summer, as well as really cold in the winter season.

To address this, you’ll need to install an electric heater during the cold months to keep the greenhouse warm. To drive out hot air during the summer, you can use exhaust fans, rooftop vents, or operable windows in your greenhouse.


Whether you have a lot or too little space in your backyard, building a greenhouse is possible. Now, you can get on with your gardening adventure any time of the year, regardless of the weather. Choose from any of the available structures that you can get, such as the freestanding, attached, mini, or hop-houses greenhouses.

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