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How to Style a Room Ornately on a Budget
How to Style a Room Ornately on a Budget

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How to Style a Room Ornately on a Budget

Ornate, luxury interior design styling is not out of reach if you’re working with a smaller budget. Take a look at our tips to get the home of your dreams while keeping the costs down.

Pick a style

If you’re flipping through interior design catalogs looking for inspiration, keep in mind that some styles lend themselves better to a budget than others. For example, the art deco look that’s gaining traction right now is famously about the material things in life and the luxury that comes with them. Maximalism might not suit because it will mean filling your space with a lot of things, a lot of colors, a lot of textures, which means buying in bulk is out. Minimalism can feel cold, but it gives you a reason as to why you have only the one decorative item making a statement in the room.

If you see a style you like, think about how you can do it on a budget. Rich colored walls are a sign of the art deco look, but maybe you can stick to the one wall to make a statement and only buy a small pot of paint, for example.

Take your time

We live busy lives. We’ve got 9-s, and a record number of us have an at-home hustle on top of that, families to deal with, studying, etc. All this means that a rejuvenation of your home, or even a room, from top to bottom as soon as possible isn’t realistic.

But what’s the rush? You can pull the sofas from the walls and get to painting one weekend, get the floors put down a weekend or two later, and have the furniture delivered even later if you fancy. It would be nice to get it done in one go, but as long as you can live in it, you can spend as much time as you want on your home and enjoy doing it up.

All that is to say that the money will also wait. If you can only afford a tin of paint this week, you can worry about getting the floors down some other time. If you’re looking for cheap living room furniture sets, you can get financing and buy your set now and pay for it down the line.

Get thrifty on the décor

A lot of interior design styles right now lend themselves well to thrifting. The art deco look hails from the roaring 20s, vintage items are coming back in a variety of styles, and nothing says luxury like old. So, it’s a good thing thrift stores and charity shops are practically giving decorative items away. If you’re looking for a statement mirror, a standing lamp, a frame, or anything else that screams vintage, you’re likely to find it in the vintage stores.

It comes in particularly handy if you like the maximalism look. Pick up a bunch of mismatching photo and art frames and make the wall gallery of your dreams over a sofa filled with mismatching cushions, all for pocket money.

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