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How To Market to Millennials
How To Market to Millennials
Millennials are all grown up and they’re almost the generation with the most purchasing power 


How To Market to Millennials

Millennials are a much-maligned group, often the butt of jokes and memes. They’re told to stop eating avocado toast in order to save for the deposit on a house, told to stop being such ‘triggered snowflakes’ when horrific events take place and constantly moaned at for being work-shy and lazy. However, millennials now make up the majority of our working population, which means it might be time to start catering to their needs just a little better. Born between 1981 and 1996, millennials are now between the ages of 26 and 41, which means they’re climbing the career ladder, buying homes, having families and generally spending quite a lot. With that said, they’re a bit wiser to marketing techniques than their boomer or even Gen X parents, so when marketing to millennials, it pays to take a slightly different approach. We’ve got some tips on marketing to millennials right here. 

Forget Facebook 

Social media marketing is obviously hugely important, but increasingly millennials are leaving Facebook in favour of other social media platforms. If you’re advertising to Gen X and some of the younger Boomers, then Facebook is a great place to focus your attention, but any younger than that and you’ll want to hit up Instagram. Instagram is a great choice because it crosses over both the millennial and Gen Z generations as well as some of the Boomers too. It also has many of the advertising features that Facebook has, thanks to Facebook’s purchase of the platform, and it is well suited to any brand that can produce interesting imagery. When creating content for Instagram, focus on quality images first and foremost, this way it will gain attention and soon followers. Posting to your feed should happen no more than three times per week, to enable you to keep the quality of everything that you post high. If you want to post more regularly then post to your stories. Stories are hugely important and people tend to engage with these more readily, so make them a key focus in your marketing plan. Whilst Instagram is a good focus to have, TikTok is increasingly being used by millennials and so shouldn’t be forgotten. Sharing from TikTok to your Instagram stories or reels is an effective way to spread out your content without taking double the time to create something new.  

Something For Nothing 

A great deal of marketing strategy was focused on the Baby Boomers, who now have more disposable income than millennials. This means that of all of the target audiences who’ll appreciate a ‘something for nothing’ deal, millennials are right at the top of that list. The iGaming industry are particular proponents of this kind of bonus, offering new customers the option to play for free on their website, sort of like a ‘try before you buy’ scheme. This list of no deposit casino bonuses available online is a great example of just how many online casinos are offering this to potential customers. The company who put together the list have ranked by star ranking, but included lots of information on the parameters of the bonus, including up to what value it can be redeemed to. To a generation of bargain hunters, these kinds of deals can make a big bonus to their bottom line and make a really effective marketing tool. Think about how you can use them in your own company. It might be a free taster session, a free gift for signing up to a mailing list, or a free sample of your latest product.  

Ditch Outbound Marketing 

Millennials feel more strongly about brands whose morals resonate with theirs

Millennials feel more strongly about brands whose morals resonate with theirs

Alright, we know that something for nothing marketing does fall into the outbound category, but it has proven super effective to millennials. With this said, it is very much the exception that proves the rule. Millennials on the whole don’t like aggressive outbound marketing, think television ads, radio appearances and the like. Instead, they like informative inbound marketing, like blog posts they can read through, videos and instructional information. Instead of telling them to buy your product, tell them how your product is solving a problem, either for them, or for members of a struggling community. Having a charitable aspect to your business, or a business that operates in an environmentally conscious way is a great start. Once you’re operating in that space, make sure that you sing your own praises. Appear in press releases, create engaging blog content about how your work is helping others and generally make sure that the world knows that your business isn’t just a great thing to buy into, it’s doing great stuff for the world too.


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