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7 Best Ways to Get Organic Instagram Followers
7 Best Ways to Get Organic Instagram Followers

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7 Best Ways to Get Organic Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms. It exposes many creators and businesses by building brand presence, community and increasing conversion.

However, having authentic followerscan be a little tricky in the beginning. It takes a lot of time and effort to figure out ways to attract your targeted audience.

Consequently, with fewer followers, your brand presence seems incomplete no matter how great your feed or products look.

Here are the top 7 best ways to get more permanent and genuine Instagram followers

7 best ways to get Instagram Followers –

Permanent followers are those who will keep following you or your business throughout. It only happens when your business has a set group of admirers.

By drawing this targeted audience to your profile, you can increase your follower count. These 7 tips help you do that.

  1. Create a Compelling Instagram Bio –

The essential step is to create a good and attractive bio for your Instagram. A well-framed intro helps essentially make you trustworthy and grab the audience’s attention.

In addition, if you have any website, putting the URL on the bio takes your customers directly to your site.

You can also turn your account into a creator’s one and add an occupation. It will show on your bio and makes it look professional

  1. Be Consistent on Posting Content –

Always maintain a content calendar by posting consistently. The regularity of your posts helps build your algorithm on Instagram.

First, itunderstands the time of highest engagement onyourpost. After that, it automatically starts showing your posts to your audience at the exact time that you post.

  1. Promote and Share Your Instagram Posts –

You must keep promoting and sharing your Instagram posts and channel on every other platform. The more people see, and like the post, it more engagement resulting in more followers.

However, getting likes by sharing and promoting your posts may take time and slow down the process.Therefore, some people buy Instagram likes initially to boost page engagement.

  1. Optimize Your Instagram Posts –

Only eye-catchy content and randomly posting them will not gain followers. Therefore, determine your content’s concept and frame an image or thumbnail, caption, title etc., to optimize your post.

Also, put a little more effort to research on SEO or search engine optimization and use appropriate keywords.

  1. Use Relevant Hashtags in Captions –

SEO research for Instagram also helps you find relevant tags as hashtags “#”  to target particular views. First, youmust determine your post’s concept and choose relevant hashtags. These can contain direct or related terms to your content.

You may also study your competitors’ profiles with similar content to figure out tags that bring engagement to their posts.

  1. Increase Engagement Through Conversation –

You must engage with your existing followers no matter what is the number. It includes replying to their comments and DMs, answering their queries and making posts on their request.

This gesture makes you trustworthy to your followers. On top of that, they feel that you value them, which makes them permanent on your profile.

  1. Try Contests and Giveaway –

This very last way is another one of the best ways to draw and engage the audience. You can announce a contest and giveaway to the winner. Then ask the contestants to follow and like some of your posts to participate.

Indeed many interested ones will join it to get a hand on your gifts and following in return.

These were all the top ways to gain Instagram followers and set up a fantastic online business or influencer career.

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