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How to make an animated explainer video?

Commercials are one of the first means of advertising that comes to the mind of any person. This method of promoting a business has not lost its relevance for several decades. However, the modern market introduces its own characteristics. It must be taken into account for advertising in a video to be effective. There are explanations to figure out which are the classic and which modern requirements must be taken into account. They help to create a really selling video. How to create an explainer video is below.

What is an explainer video?

Animated videos (synonym – videos made on the basis of Motion design) are convenient to use if, for some reason, it is impossible to make video filming of the described processes or objects, or it is necessary to describe complex processes in a simple and understandable form, or the video is created remotely.

In the animated explainer video there is no classic video sequence, the story is built using graphic figures, diagrams and images. All means are used in order to show data or an idea, while there is no task to reveal a full-fledged plot (this is the difference from a cartoon). Ease of perception, brevity, ease, attractiveness, affordable presentation, budget – these are the characteristic features of creating video infographics.

Types of explainer videos

There are a few ways to create an explainer video. Three enlarged types of animated video are shown in descending order of complexity of creation:

Character animation

Traditionally, heroes do not leave indifferent not only children, but also adults. Through the chosen image, we communicate to the viewer a large amount of new information that is well absorbed.

The purpose of the animation clip, given as an example, is to show the full benefits of the Tel Aviv Medical Center. The animated character illustrates the center’s capabilities: online appointment, addressing any question of interest to the medical staff, and also reveals all stages of treatment abroad: from the moment of registration on the website to the provision of necessary medical care.

Video infographics

The essence of complex projects is quickly revealed with this approach. Specific information and abstract ideas – infographics will be good for the former and for the latter.

Content and brevity helps to easily systemize the whole process. The infographics are perfect for the educational products.

Telling the viewer how to create explainer videos, summarizing characters and graphics are fluently perceived and create a performance that is easy to remember. An example explains how the standard platform works. It helps students submit multiple applications to universities around the world. It helps to find housing before the student arrives at the place of study. And also it’s used during training to find temporary work. The video also has a second goal. It shows the uniqueness of the platform in uniting business and education by helping employers in hiring graduates with the necessary skills. It helps students to find a company where their qualifications will be in demand.

Creating animations based on slideshows

Slide-based videos allow for interesting presentation of archival. It shows hhistorical photographs with the addition of relevant new data.

Creating animations based on slideshows

Benefits of explainer videos

As an effective digital marketing tool, animation videos from have many benefits. Colorful, eye-catching graphics will help you present your product or idea in the best possible way. Digital marketing is slowly evolving into a competitive marketplace. With just one short video the user can take your business to the next level. In addition, animated videos increase conversions. They generate more profit. But this is not the whole list of their advantages.

Video for your business is an effective way to promote your service. It’s perfect for product or website. It explains the highlights of your business through hand-drawn cartoons.

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