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EOS Crypto News You Should Know About
EOS Crypto News You Should Know About


How to Buy Bitcoins: A Step-by-Step Guide

Bitcoin is a new form of digital currency,  gaining popularity over the past few years. Now that you are familiar with bitcoin, you might be interested in buying some for yourself. Buying bitcoins can be an enjoyable and educational process, but it requires some research to make sure you know what you’re doing. The following steps will guide you through the basics of how to buy bitcoin.

The process 

  1. Get a bitcoin wallet

The first step is to get yourself a bitcoin wallet. A bitcoin wallet is an application that allows you to store, spend, buy and accept bitcoins with other users through blockchain technology. There are many different wallets available online but be sure not to lose your password or let anyone know it because this will mean losing all of your money! Some popular choices among wallets include Blockchain Wallet, Bitgo Wallet.

  1. Find a bitcoin broker

After you’ve secured your wallet, the next step is to find a broker. Many online brokers are offering their services, but make sure they have good customer reviews and offer some form of insurance if something happens with your money or account. Some popular choices among

brokers include Coinbase, Coinmama, etc,.

You can also go through an exchange service. The advantage of using these exchanges over buying bitcoins directly from another person is it’s much safer for new users who may not be familiar with face-to-face transactions yet.  Once you’ve found a broker, create an account and upload some form of identification. At this point, the broker should ask for a bitcoin address where he can send your purchased bitcoins once they arrive in their wallet.

  1. You’ve bought your first bitcoin

Now that you have a wallet and a broker, the next step is to buy some bitcoins. The process varies from broker to broker, but in general, it’s as simple as transferring money through your chosen method of payment (e.g., bank account or credit/debit card) into an online wallet connected with the service the provider you’re using.

Once the funds are available, buying bitcoin will be just like purchasing anything else on offer at any given time: simply select how much “currency” you would like to add to your balance and complete the purchase by following their instructions and guidelines properly and promptly.

  1. Transfer your bitcoins to your wallet

Once you have bought some bitcoin, it’s time to transfer them into a secure place. The safest method of storing any digital currency is using the official wallet provided with the service provider where you’ve purchased them – log in and find the “withdraw” option on your

account page.

You can also use other more complicated but safer wallets like Trezor, Ledger Wallet, and KeepKey. If you are buying bitcoin as an investment (rather than spending or saving), ensure that once they’re transferred into your wallet, don’t leave money sitting in trading accounts because this increases the risk significantly if something happens! Always withdraw all funds after the purchase has been completed unless otherwise stated.

  1. You’re now a bitcoin owner

After you follow these steps, congratulations! You are officially the proud new owner of some digital currency. Now that you have your bitcoins in hand, it is essential to be aware of how they work and what kind of transactions might take place with them. This will give you an idea of

whether or not this form of money suits your needs before investing too much time into them.

Most importantly, make sure never lose track of all passwords involved because losing even one means losing access to your account forever! Additionally, always remember that buying bitcoin isn’t just about spending online but also about owning something that has a value that can appreciate over time due to market demand/supply fluctuations. Finally, if selling instead, be aware of the transaction fees involved in selling and withdrawing funds.


That’s it! If you’re looking for a new way to invest, spend or grow your money safely and securely, then buying bitcoin is worth considering. Just make sure you research all of the information available online before committing to any particular method of purchase because there are plenty out there who could steal your bitcoins if they wanted to.

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