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The Proper Way to Store Food
The Proper Way to Store Food


Health Benefits of Organic Food

The most commonly purchased organic foods are fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products, nuts, fish, mutton and beef etc. Organic food is the product which avoids man made fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, and livestock feed additives.

* Make yourself organic … *


It’s been almost two years, believe me, since I got rid of allopathic pills, there is a bit of peace in life and relief in the body. Antibiotics in particular are the body’s main enemy. Every human being has a natural immune system that fights against every disease and eventually wins. Do you know how its fleet sinks?

Number one is malnutrition, which has a long list. I write down what is on my mind. If you are sincere in yourself (which you certainly are not) then you have to abstain from the taste of market foods. What we say is that I ate something outside and nothing happened to me, sir! You have to be patient for a while and persistently blow up hotel invitations.


 Weakness in the immune system does not come overnight but gradually it is revealed that one day my BP is not normal, I have constipation, I am more tired, I have pain in my knees, I have a headache. Has been and my throat is not stopping, etc.

Then you run to the clinic and get tested and find out that your liver function has disturbed, cholesterol has risen, sugar level is not normal, uric acid is disturbed, there is a blockage or there is a gastric infection. Etc.

There are very few doctors on this occasion who are sincere with the patient instead of the pharmaceutical mafia and tell him a diet plan that is balanced with a semi-essential / emergency pillow. But no, there are separate nutritionists for this, who have to follow their instructions? A God-fearing doctor never prescribes unnecessary drugs but focuses on diet and exercise.

Fortunately, most of our patients are also half literate. If the doctor does not prescribe a long prescription, then doubting his ability. Thus the doctor is forced to prescribe many multivitamins to Khanna Puri that in the end, he has to satisfy the psyche of the patient in any case …!

۔Immediately Stop It And Start Organic Food

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. The top priority is to give up eating from hotels completely. Whatever the food, watch the recipe on YouTube and prepare it at home. Obviously in the beginning it will be hard, then it will become a habit


* First change the cooking oil at home, cook food in mustard oil.

☘️ Use mustard oil in regular use. It costs about the same as you pay for laboratory tests and check-ups per month. In the last two years, I have not given a single rupee to these two places, thank God.

* All packed juices, cold drinks should be closed. Drink fresh juices, buttermilk, and fresh milk.

* Stop all types of coffees.

☘️ You go to a bakery shop and avoid what is being sold there, it is all harmful to health.

* Jams and jams can easily become a home.

* Canned milk burns all its nutrients when it goes through ultra-high temperatures. It is now the only white solution that contains chemicals and preservatives to make it thick, delicious, and long-lasting. Take a little pain and go and fetch milk from the boil, boil, and drink.

* Take brown sugar/honey instead of sugar.

* Use pure wheat flour.

* Eat one fruit a day.

* Fried things should be given up slowly.

☘️ Iodized salt is very harmful. Even if people give some arguments,

* Leave the broiler chicken.

* Restrict your children not to buy anything from the store such as , salt, chips, toffee, nimko chocolate, juice, burgers, pizza, etc.


My children do not ask for money nor do they buy anything from department stores. These things have been clarified to them repeatedly, no force has been used and this whole process does not occur in a single day. You just have to be more cultivated with the help you reduce toward other people. It takes time to change habits, it takes time to change a family mentality.

I Have Started Using Organic Food Because My Body and Health Is Precious Than Any Other Thing

Organic foods need more cost and work. I think my body and my family deserve the most investment in the world. Even if they do not have a car, apartment, branded clothes, and modern mobiles, their physical fitness must be maintained. I have a lot more to write about nutrition, but that’s the initial plan I’ve written.

Let’s Make the Right Decision!!!!

 The coming era is a big challenge in terms of natural nutrition. People will crave pure food. Think about it now, what do you do to keep your immune system strong?

The right decision depends on our true intentions. Only those who have strengthened their body ahead…

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