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Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell


Ghost in the Shell – Science Fiction

Ghost in the shell is a sci-fiction written by Kazunori Itō, who is a screenwriter and artist. Ghost in the shell is his masterpiece, which gives him a remarkable position in fiction. Mamoru Oshii, a Japanese director, directs the movie. He is famous for his storytelling technique. The movie is not an animated film for children because it is full of violence, nudity, and sex.

Story of the movie

After Ghost in the shell anime movie online It is considered the anime film of the time. Its story is based on manmade intelligence. Although it’s pinned to an action-oriented storyline, Ghost within the Shell features many philosophical scenes that explore the way humans relate to computers and the other way around. The main character is a woman name Maj. Motoko Kusanagi. She was a cyborg who operates an intelligence agency. She has undertaken a task to investigate a malicious enemy who is an outsider and wants to get political asylum, but suddenly the task was assigned to Puppet Master. The Maj and all other characters can change their shapes. They have the ability to become visible and enter the mind of others for their own purposes.

Features of Ghost in the shell:

Man is puppet:

The movie depicts the concept that man will exist with cyborgs. He will become a partial human partial computer. Puppetmaster himself describes that he is a man, born in a sea of information.


In the storyline, the puppet master describes his origin that how he was born with the treasure of information, and how he became a cyborg after diving, then he reborn because his original body becomes dead.

Fantasy land:

In the movie, fantasy land is all set. We can see in the story how characters create fantasy land. They can dive into the human mind and become invisible—a movie based on the story of a ghost.

Antagonist power:

The movie’s main antagonist, the puppet master, spread all around the plot. His character reveals the theme of the story. He is a powerful character in a movie who consider as the base of the story. He exists as a mechanical character to capture the mind of others by tricks and uses them for his own purpose.


Basically,  the movie is a prediction about the future of humans. The plot is compact and complex, but all characters are bind in a frame.

The Theme of the story:

The movie has the strongest story based on different issues. The title of the story depicts the phrase “A former of your shadow self.” The main theme on which story-based is self-identity and gender identity. It depicts in the movie opening scene. The scene in which the conversation between Batou and Motoko talks about self-sense. Mokoto tells Batou that her sense of self comes from memories and thinking. She then becomes able to sense her own. She would be able to discover and apply thinking in her own way, but in all, she is still limited to boundaries.


In the movie, the puppet master often discusses humanity. In most science, different fiction tool is used like Robot, cyborgs, and artificial intelligence, etc. in this movie director use these tools to discuss humanity. In the movie, the puppet master continuously discusses that man is human only because of intelligence. As he said  “Memories cannot be defined, but it defines mankind.” Puppetmaster himself consider as human because he has intelligence, self-thinking, and a good scientist.


The movie is paragon adapted from Manga. Religion discusses in storylines. Character discuss that man is subordinate and confined to boundaries. In the stories, angels are also seeing which come after body destroyed and give her new life.


The ghost in the shell has a strong position in anime movies. It is too rigid and complex to reach maximum viewers. But its story plot, theme, and characters make it a versatile allegorical movie. It has an amalgam of old and new structures.



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