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Everything You Need to Know About the Different Styles of Craft Beer
Everything You Need to Know About the Different Styles of Craft Beer


Everything You Need to Know About the Different Styles of Craft Beer

In the last few years, beer has gone through the perfect golden age. In these years, different types of beers have been produced, and this provides the benefit to the beer lovers that they can easily choose the beer according to their taste and interest. Small local brewers make this craft beer contain a unique flavor that is much more similar to the beer produced in the large breweries. It is available at affordable prices, and everyone can easily buy this beer.

Let’s talk about the many things you need to know about the different styles of craft beer!

Brief Description About Different Styles of Craft Beer

There are many different types and styles of craft beer in other countries, and first of all, let’s take a look at these different styles. These styles include:

  1. Amber: If you want to take the flavor of coffee and dry fruits in your beer, amber is the best option.
  2. Pale: It has a bitter taste, and you can enjoy it with fast food. This beer is more popular, and it keeps you warmer.
  3. IPA: It is produced from the resinous wood of the pine, and sometimes it is fruity in taste.
  4. Wheat beer: It is made from a large number of wheat grains.
  5. Cream: In the summer season, this is the perfect beer for you to drink.
  6. Belgian: Many different types of hard and sour beers come from Belgium.
  7. Dark: Dark lager is the mixture of coffee, chocolate, and molasses.
  8. Kelley: It has a sweet taste, and it is served without pasteurization.
  9. Helles: This beer is synthesized in Germany and has a light golden color. You feel warmer after drinking this beer.
  10. Rauchbier: It is smoked beer that has a unique smoke flavor.
  11. Stout: It contains the flavor of chocolate and coffee.
  12. Porter: It is synthesized in England and has a black color appearance.
  13. Lambic: It has a sour taste and is synthesized from yeast.
  14. Sour: It serves on hot days and has a sour taste.
  15. Vienna lager: It has a light taste and is dark in color.
  16. Japanese rice lager: This is made from a large amount of rice, giving it a light taste with a dry finish.
  17. German pilsner: It has a sweet taste with some bitterness.
  18. Hefeweizen: It is a mixture of half wheat and half of the barley that gives them the banana-like taste.
  19. Saison: Synthesized from yeast and has a bitter taste.
  20. Session beer: if you want to drink the whole day, this type of beer is the best option, and it contains a minimal amount of alcohol.
  21. American lager: This beer contains a minimal amount of alcohol, like less than five percent, and golden color. You feel better after drinking this beer.
  22. Kolsch: This is fermented from a large amount of yeast at a large temperature and has a fruity flavor with light color.


All the styles mentioned above show that craft beer is now available in various varieties, and you can quickly drink beer according to your flavor. But it’s not the end; there are many other options available for us today. The facility of craft beer delivery is also possible now. If you want to taste any style of craft beer, then contact us here.

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