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Things You Must Know About the Humongous Event
Things You Must Know About the Humongous Event


Dubai Expo 2020: Things You Must Know About the Humongous Event

As COVID-19 travel restrictions are relaxing, people from around the globe are all geared up to attend this year’s biggest EXPO organized in Dubai, UAE. Dubai is the first Arab country to host an EXPO on such a massive scale. From AI robots greeting you along the way to stunningly designed pavilions for each country- there is a lot to experience at this big event. As this event will be live till 31st March, 2022, you still have a lot of time to visit Dubai to cherish this EXPO in person.

But before you start packing for this trip, be sure to apply for a Dubai tourist visa. If the Dubai visa application is not filled and submitted on time, you may not get it approved on time, missing this event. So first apply for the visa, and then focus on other aspects.

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List of things visitors must know for the ongoing Dubai EXPO 2020:

  • The theme of Dubai Expo 2020

The primary theme of the entire Dubai EXPO event is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” Under this central theme, organizers have included three related sub-themes: sustainability, mobility, and opportunity. You can find one dedicated district for each of these sub-themes. The first sub-theme, i.e., sustainability, has a district wherein the organizers showcase how countries can champion sustainability and how humans can live in harmony with nature in a high-tech future.

The mobility or second sub-theme district displays projects that aim to break down the barriers between physical and digital worlds. Opportunity district or the last sub-theme district aims to draw attention to how interconnected our lives and actions are.

  • Book tickets to get maximum access

As it is not a one-day event, the prices will vary depending on the ticket you purchase. For example, if you buy a monthly pass, you can get unlimited daily access throughout the month you’ve taken the pass for, and it will usually cost somewhere around AED 95. It is usually a discounted price being offered by some authorized partners; else, the regular one-day ticket price costs AED 95. So before you book the tickets, check out different websites to find the cheaper deal. A seasonal cost is being offered at AED 495 and a multi-day pass at AED 195.

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  • Unique Pavilions

The Dubai EXPO 2020 is having country pavilions, partner and organization pavilions, and special pavilions dedicated exclusively to various themes. It is the first time when the EXPO will have dedicated pavilions for every participating country. A visit to each pavilion will highlight what makes that country unique, its culture, food, tech, business landscape, and much more.

For example, a visit to the four-storey Indian pavilion will expose you to the opportunities the country has to offer in different fields. Besides showcasing opportunities, the Indian pavilion will also host star-studded nights, food stalls with lip-smacking Indian food, cultural festivals, and a lot more. Every pavilion has something different to offer, so don’t assume you’ve seen it all after checking out just one pavilion.

  • Global stage for professional, cultural, and culinary exchange

If you think Dubai EXPO is only for corporate or professionals interested in business, you’re in for a surprise. This event has something exciting for everyone. Besides country-specific pavilions displaying their potential and current opportunities, there is also a display for culture, food, music, art, dance, and many other things that are guaranteed to keep you entertained.

If you’ve taken the seasonal pass, you can get to enjoy all the global music, dance, and cultural programs scheduled throughout the EXPO. From the tribal rhythms of Bangladesh to island influences of the Caribbean- the range of entertainment programs organized is sure to leave you awestruck. To truly experience the fun side of this event, you have to visit it with your family or friends.

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  • Global Attendees

The Dubai EXPO 2020 is one of the most significant events taking place worldwide after the countries have started relaxing their COVID-19 travel restrictions. Ever since the event started on 1st October, 2021, the premise has already hosted thousands of people from around the world, and it is ready to welcome millions more by the end of the EXPO.

If you are interested in visiting Dubai to personally attend this EXPO, it is crucial to ensure that you get your visa approved. Along with your visa it is also ideal to get yourself covered under an international travel insurance due to unforeseen situations  such as financial losses arising from loss of baggage or passport, medical emergencies, and rescheduling or cancelling of flights, ensuring your trip is seamless and worry-free, even in face of adversity.

  • Biggest Attractions

Music lovers should reserve their calendars every Thursday and Friday, as late-night musical programs are scheduled with famous global artists. So if you’ve always wanted to dance to the tunes of Chilean musicians, Jordan singers, and other global artists, now is the time to experience it at the D

Dubai EXPO. Besides entertainment, one of the biggest attractions is said to be the culinary show by Bompas & Parr.

This spectacular show is expected to highlight what food is likely to be in 2321. These food items are created by microbiology, space, hyper-intelligence, and other techniques that NASA uses to prepare food for astronauts. You can also expect to see the future of travel at this event. Additionally, Uber is expected to display its first flying car in this EXPO so make sure you don’t miss it.

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  • Other Details

The EXPO site is said to spread across a humongous 1083 acres of land between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. To make the entire event extremely well organized, all the 192 participating countries have been categorized into one of the three sub-themes, viz., sustainability, mobility, and opportunity. The premise also has the world’s largest 360-degree projection surface, the world’s largest passenger lift, and a magnificent rotating observation tower. The list of things worth your attention in this EXPO can be endless, so make sure you pay a visit yourself and explore as many pavilions and attractions as you can.

To make the most of this event, you can visit the official Dubai EXPO site and check what is scheduled for the day of your visit. It will help you decide when to visit for maximum fun. If you stay in Dubai or have plans to stay longer there, consider purchasing a seasonal pass as it will let you explore more at a comparatively lesser price.

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