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Different Types Of Pollution
Different Types Of Pollution


Different Types Of Pollution

“Pollution is defined as contamination which is produced by humans which reflects harmful effects on humans, flora, and fauna” 

Let us see the different types of pollution in detail.

Air Pollution

The contamination of the air is called Air Pollution.

air pollution black and white-clouds

Causes of Air Pollution

The air may be contaminated due to one or more of the following reasons.

  • Release of harmful substances from the industry chimneys.
  • Release of harmful gases from the Vehicles.
  • Release of harmful substances from fireworks.
  • Release of hazardous gases from burning tires.

Preventive Measures

  • Industries should be planned away from the residential area.
  • All the labors working in that industry should be undertaken health checkups at the regular intervals.
  • The common mode of transportations like buses, ride-sharing programs should be promoted.

Water Pollution

The Contamination of water is called water pollution. 

Water Pollution lake view

Causes of water pollution

The water may be contaminated due to any of the following reasons

  • Release of toxic materials from chemical Industries to the nearby rivers.
  • Improper Sewage waste disposal.
  • Urbanization can also be the reason.

Preventive Measures for Water Pollution

  • Industries should be periodically checked for the Waste Disposal
  • In boating areas, people shouldn’t be allowed to take plastics.
  • Sewage System should be checked for the proper functioning at the regular intervals.

Soil Pollution

The contamination of soil is called Soil Pollution. 

cracks in dry land

Causes of Soil Pollution

Soil Pollution also called as the land pollution may be the result of the following reasons.

  • Dumping of non-degradable wastes in the soil, which prevents the flow of rainwater to the water table level.
  • Using Artificial Pesticides and Fertilizers which highly affects the fertility of the soil.
  • Cutting more trees for the sake of Urbanisation.

Preventive Measures for Soil Pollution

  • Non-Degradable materials must be put in the dust bin provided for the same and it should be disposed of properly and with care.
  • Solid Waste Management should be properly done.
  • Plastics should be replaced with other alternatives in all possible area.

Noise Pollution

“The unpleasable sound which disturbs the normal human activity is called Noise Pollution.”

noise from industry

Causes of Noise Pollution

  • Noise from vehicles and Industries.
  • Noise from Construction Areas.
  • Noise from fireworks.

Preventive Measures for Noise Pollution

  • Industries should be constructed only away from human civilization.
  • Installing sound absorbers in the industries.
  • Employees working in the Industries should use the earbuds to keep themselves safe from noise pollution.

Radioactive Pollution

The wastes from Radioactive substances are termed as Radioactive pollution.

radiation from e waste

Causes of Radioactive Pollution

  • Radiation from Nuclear Power Plants.
  • Missiles and Testing Materials.
  • Radiation from electronic waste.

Preventive measures for Radioactive Pollution

  • Moving to Renewable source of power generation.
  • Reducing the use of Radioactive material.
  • Nuclear waste should be disposed of properly deep under the sea.

Final Thoughts

  • Awareness Programs should be conducted by government authorities.
  • Planting more saplings can reduce the effect of pollution.
  • Afforestation should be increased.



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