Simple And Best Tool for Projects Involving PCB

Best Tool For Electronic Projects Involving PCB

Are you searching for the best tool for the projects involving PCB, then this tool would be the right choice.

Name of the tool: Fritzing

Developers: Interaction Design Lab Potsdam

Support: Fritzing Support Forum

Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Download Now- from their Official Website


Fritzing is an open source tool for Electronic Projects involving PCB. This tool was mainly created for Arduino Microcontroller but it can also be used for few non-Arduino Projects.

All the operations can be done with a simple drag and drop.

System Requirements: 

The total download file size is 179 MB. 1 GB RAM is enough for this tool.

Procedure to use Fritzing: 

  • Start building your circuit on the simulation Breadboard present in Fritzing Tool.
  • Use the electronic components on the right side.
  • Click the required component and drag it to the Breadboard.
  • Repeat this for all other components.
  • You will get the corresponding Schematic Diagram on pressing Schematic button.
  • The schematic diagram can be easily converted by a click.

You can do your own PCB by using soldering kits or order your PCB here.

  1. Wellpcb
  2. Ourpcb
  3. Wiringo – Your Reliable Custom Wiring Harness and Cable Assembly Supplier in China

Where can I get sample projects?

There are many projects available on their official website. If you have an interesting project then share it on their Official Site.







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