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Best Tech Forum Best forum Software

Are you searching for some interesting and best tech forum online?

Do you want to improve your knowledge of technology?

If your answer for the above two questions is yes, then I recommend you join this forum Which is running on one of the best forum software.

By joining this best tech forum you can improve your knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Automation, Electrical, and Electronics 

Here is the quality discussions made on Artificial Intelligence.

Experts have predicted that the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things are the future Scope.

Currently, the forum is working on the WordPress Content Management System using one of the Best forum Software.

The following are the features, that you can access after joining this Forum.

  • You can share ideas related to technology and the technology news around you.
  • You can get in touch with the technology-minded people.
  • You can contact your followers and other forum posters with Private messaging.
  • You can earn money for Making a quality post and topics. Check FAQ’s for further details.
  • You can submit a guest post at free of cost with two backlinks.

Each and every member of the forum is allowed to make a post, do like, follow other forum members, do comment on other posts and topics.

Moderators are highly welcome to join and moderators have more rights compared to a normal forum member.

Yes, we do have some rules and restrictions to make a forum free from spammers and scammers.

This forum is more suitable for electricians, engineers, technicians, and development board lovers.

We also have separate sub-forums for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, Intel, and Pic and Matlab, Pspice and Electrical CAD.

My aim is to make this website grow like W3schools which is for programmers. Hope after 5 years we will be having a portal for electrical and electronics related things.

Let’s make this forum as the best technology forum.

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