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Before You Go To Cabo
Before You Go To Cabo


Before You Go To Cabo, Here’s What You Should Know

When it comes to vacation destinations, many people consider Cabo as a place for wild parties with not much to offer. However, this isn’t true. There are a lot of sights and sounds, people, food, and other activities to experience. A quick research into the area will give you a list of interesting things to do while in Cabos. However, as you plan to Come to Cabo Villas, you should know a couple of things that’ll improve your overall experience. This article brings you a summary of the important things to know ahead of your arrival.

Cabos Is one of the Best Places to Experience Sea Life.

If you’ve always thought Cabos is for wild parties and senseless activities, you should think again. Cabos is one of the best places in the world to experience sea life at its finest. Traveling between mid-December to April gives you a chance to experience whales as they migrate through the water. If you are a big fan of fishing, you’ll find an abundance of water bodies that are perfect for this activity. Rest assured that there is no shortage of fishing equipment rental or anglers in the area.

If you are not much of a fishing person, you can take in the sights as different whales cross through the waters. You’re likely to encounter different types like gray whales, humpbacks, blue whales, sperm whales, and Orcas.

You need lots of Biodegradable Sunscreen.

Your skin is important and skin health should be prioritized. While planning your visit to Cabos, ensure that you pack the right amount of biodegradable sunscreen for the trip. Biodegradable sunscreen is most recommended because of its environmental friendliness, especially if you aim to go into the water. So, if you plan on swimming on the beaches, rivers, or any of the water bodies, you need a good amount of biodegradable sunscreen to keep you protected from the sun while not harming the water animals.

Be Prepared for a Strong Timeshare Game

Cabo has an abundance of sales reps who are ready to sell just about anything to you. As a tourist destination, one will expect this, but the number may rise unexpectedly, depending on where you are. At the airport’s arrival, just after picking up your luggage, be sure to head straight out to whomever you are meeting. Stopping for a brief second could attract a sales rep who may divert you to another company. Be sure to always ask point-blank for confirmations and IDs from the reps to ensure you don’t make the wrong decisions.

As a note of warning, be skeptical about any offers you get while in Cabo and always make sure to confirm and re-confirm things before signing up.

Cabo Deals in Mexican Pesos

Your US dollar is valuable in the US such as the Mexican Pesos is the official currency in Cabo. Before getting on your flight or embarking on that road trip, make a stop at the bank to convert your money into pesos. Converting your money ahead of your arrival can save time and give you more value for your money.

If, however, you failed to convert your money on US soil before traveling, there are many places that offer conversion services but at terrible rates. You can also choose to buy items in US Dollars but you’ll be cheating yourself out of your money’s worth. Changing your money before you travel can help you live on a budget and keep to your budget.

Cabo Is Safe

Many Americans associate Mexico with the drug cartel pictures they see in the movies. On the contrary, Cabo is a safe travel destination with no prior record of violence or drug-related criminal activities. While the area is generally safe, tourists are advised to implement safety measures while they are in the area to avoid security issues.

Resort Beaches Are Likely Off Bounds for Swimming

If you have chosen to lodge at a resort for your stay in Cabos, be sure to ask the staff there about their beach and whether it is swimmable. Some resorts have a strict no-swimming rule which may be a bit of a disappointment to most customers. However, the rule is largely due to the dangerous nature of most of the waters in the area. If you are unconvinced as to why some beaches are not swimmable, take a boat out from Cabo San Lucas Marina to Lover’s Beach. Ask about the swimmable beaches in the area and use them if you must swim.

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