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Azur Lane Event guide for Vacation lane collab by LDPlayer
Azur Lane Event guide for Vacation lane collab by LDPlayer


Azur Lane Event guide for Vacation lane collab by LDPlayer

Azur Lane is belonging to a Shoot them up game produced by Yuwani. It is a Mixture of all RPG, tactical genres and also the 2D shootings. You need to conquer ships in here, and this one is truly a mesmerizing warfare game. The gameplay for this game is easy and intuitive, and you can build your own kind of fleet with Azur Lane’s various warships.

If you need to feel a better, advanced gaming experience, you can download Azur Lane on PC here.

LDPlayer is the best android emulator you can use to play Azur Lane, and there are so many features added to that to develop your gaming experience into a better aspect. If you want to play this mobile game in a wide advanced featured display, LDPlayer will be the best choice.

Our topic here is the Vacation lane collab event guide. So let’s grab everything you should know about this event by now.

What is Vacation Lane?

Vacation lane is an event and it is a collaboration. This collaboration has happened between venus vacation and Dead or Alive Xtreme. There are a total seven of characters available here, and those are the ship girls. Each of these ship girls is receiving themed skin for summer. There are additional events with exclusive features like furniture sets and skins for new equipment. They come along with a new juustagram as well.

What is Vacation Lane?

Vacation lane is not a re-run. Although it is a collaboration, it is not likely to go a re-run. So remember that all the ship girls you earn from here will not be available for the future.

Features of the event Vacation Lane

Volleyball Scrimmage

This is known to be a quick mini-game in this event. You can serve and defend by pressing on the screen, and it has to be done at the right time. If you fail to do so, your opponent team can score a mark, and you have to fail as they return. If you need to score a point, you have to serve. Wining can be gain through five scores, and every day, there is unlocking a new match. 7th match is the final, and that last match can unlock two rewards: Awakening pearl and the Favorite drink.

Features of the event Vacation Lane

Information regarding the characters

Once you collect all the pieces in character, you can earn the Venus vacation statue’s furniture item. There are a total fourteen of pieces that you can obtain from the same method.

Permit rank

Here you will need t rank the interface of four POW, TEC, APL and STM. These are staying for the duration of the event, and these all can be upgraded. We can name these as buff permits to spend, and we can boost them by reaching the milestone steps. Following are the four buffs and their effectiveness.

  • POW – Here, the effect of POW will deal with 1%, 2% and 3% of increased damage for a campaign. There will be a hard mode for events and war achieving stages to complete.
  • TEC – this is the training time for the tactical academy, and it is going to be reduced by 3%, 4% and 5%.
  • STM – STM can earn 3%, 4% and 5% of increasing EXP in a campaign, and this is a hard mode event. And also, there is a stage for war achieving steps as well.
  • APL – APL can earn 3%, 4% and 5% of increased EXP in a Dormitory.

Special commissions in Vacation Lane

In this event period, every day, you can earn a special bonus commission, and it is available for players. If you succeed to complete these special commission rewards, layers can earn coins or oil. And also, it is rewarded with Venus points, Furniture coins or an equipment skin box.

Remember that these special commissions are not taking any of your four commission fleets, and they are not stacked. These are refresh every day at midnight. If there is a commission in progress, those are not to be canceled at any time.

When you finish completing some special commissions, you have to claim all the rewards from them, and those are set for the refresh of the next day. Suppose you have to retain any of these rewards that are not claimed. Those will remain for you until 23.59 in the day.

Ships and Construction

Ships and Construction

Here are the ships that you will available as rewards in the event duration, and these are the same as the limited construction pool.

  • Marie Rose
  • Kasumi (DOA)
  • Nagisa
  • Monica
  • Honoka
  • Misaki
  • Nyotengu

Event skins

When you are in the event, the following are the new skins you would gain in the skin shop, and those are available in that shop.

  • Misaki – photo-shoot (golden)
  • Monica – the ace of hearts
  • Nagisa – blue skies and good vibes
  • Marie Rose – splashing waves and a devilish servant against for it.
  • Honoka – the shore summer angel
  • Kasumi – springside mist
  • Nyotengu –hot spring vacation of scarlet tinged

Some of these skins can be rented through the event, allowing you to use the skin for days free. There is a possibility to rent two times in the event by every player.

Tasks of the Vacation Lane

Map completion

The first one to done in this event is the map completion. You can gain rewards like a gear skin box, wisdom cubes, Venus points, and the coins for clearing the event maps, or you can earn three-star rewards.

Daily tasks

There are tasks dedicated for each event, and here are the three tasks available for you when they have been completed. They will be reset again at the day end.

  • Building three ships will give you 300x Venus points
  • Sortie and obtaining 15 victories will provide you with 300x Venus points
  • Sortie and clearing 1 one event in the hard mode stage will offer you 100x Venus points.

One time tasks

There are one time tasks, and those are available one to another when one is completed.

  • Take a one event commission to gain 200x Venus points and favorite food reward Honoka
  • Build ten ships in total to earn 500x Venus points and the favorite drink Marie Rose
  • Win 6 of battles in the mode of fever to earn 300x Venus points, Manjuu fever projector and favorite food for Nagisa

Remember to use the mechanics to win battles to fill a tension gauge. When it becomes four battles, the mode ever will be activated automatically. Fever mode can heal 2% in maximum HP for the total fleet at every battle start.

Vacation Lane through LDPlayer

As you can see, there is so much indicated in this vacation lane collab, and there are so many tasks to do. So you have to control the game efficiently and effectively to gain a better result. The key factor for better gameplay is the key controls. When you have better controls with your keyboard, you automatically achieve better progress in your gameplay. So what is the secret? The secret is to have your own key controls for the gameplay.

Suppose a player has his favorite key controls for the movements. In that case, he can quickly progress in the game, and that is why LDPlayer has added a keyboard mapping tool to the emulator to make the gaming experience better. The key mapping tool will let you have your own key sets, and that is the secret to win through your gameplay.


The Azur Lane event called vacation lane is somewhat tough to understand, but you will not feel complex to deal with if you know the simple mechanisms and basics. You have to deal with seven ship girls in here, and once you succeed, it makes you have great rewards for the gameplay. So go through this LDPlayer guide for the event, and we will hope you can earn a victory through this guide.

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