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PUBG New State guide for everything
PUBG New State guide for everything


PUBG New State guide for everything and pre-registration with LDPlayer

It is time for a new game announced as PUBG New State, and it is the brand new mobile game from the developers of the famous PUBG mobile. This news has already been confirmed by the Krafton and the PUBG studios. And this new game does not come with a PC version like the original PUBG. There will be only a mobile version of the PUBG New State.

Now our PC users will be so disappointed to not having this excellent release for PC. But don’t worry, guys. We got you. Use the best gaming emulator for mobile games LDPlayer and enjoy every second of this new game as much as you like.

LDPlayer is a gaming android emulator that lets gamers play any mobile games on a PC with many advanced features included with it. So don’t be too much in worry. Although there is no PC version, there is LDPlayer for you to catch up on everything with PUBG New State. What is this new state game has to offer us? Let’s look at every detail we know about this OUBG New State as follows.

The story of the new PUBG New State

This PUBG New State game is set to the year 2051, and it has given a leap to the future from the original PUBG mobile. The gameplay is going with the title of battle royale. Multiple sources confirm that any player who has engaged in previous PUBG mobile can dive deeper into this game by using the experience he got from the original version.

The story of the new PUBG New State

It seems to be the new aim of PUBG New State is to evolve through the game. And also, in PUBG mobile, here is a going with new maps and game modes. But it doesn’t seem to be in this new release, and there are a lot of fundamental differences from the original version of this new release.

There is a post-apocalyptic setting to change in this game, and there is a trailer showing an ongoing battle near an empty shopping mall. There seem to have vehicles with some neon lights, and there are a lot of additional weapons. You also see drones and shields of ballistic in here, and those are the ones we see from the game call of duty. The official trailer seems to show a skull mask, and it is similar to the character in Call of Duty’s ghost.

You can see there have some interactive objects, and those are not seen. But the Krafton has already said that these objects can be used to incorporate on PUBG New State’s gameplay.

New features of the PUBG New State

There are multiple features to highlight in this game so far, and let’s look at them one by one.

Combat roll

There is an ability to control the combat rolls in this new release, and now it has been more highlighted. You already know that PUBG mobile is somewhat slower on its foot than the frantic action we see, and those can be seen in the game Call of Duty. But this time, we found this very effective for combats.

Combat roll

We assume that PUBG New State would be a lot of fast game, and there will be no difference in the gunplay. So there is no expecting change you could see in the gameplay style here.

Customization of weapons

You already know that PUBG Mobile has added different elements to their players and also the weapons. But remember that these weapons are not going far as the Gunsmith mode in the call of duty game. Gunsmith mode lets the players customize it in a heavy matter, and it has been a greater chance to deal with multiplayer battles.

The reason for becoming a chance in multiplayer is you already know that you will use it for the battle. This fact is not going to be applied to the battle royals often, and it may suggest the very player focuses on the slight away from all the weapon gatherings.

There is a method to customize every weapon you get, and those all have personalized versions. It seems a lot more likely to be as the weapon skins available in the PUBG mobile. There are added grenade launchers in this game, and you will see some selections for fire mods. Those are the first things you will highlight from the weapons, and you will see that many of the weapons on this new game are much more familiar with PUBG mobile.

Vehicles and the Map

You will see that several vehicles have been highlighted in this new PUBG New State. You could see some vehicles as the PUBG mobile version, and they are added with some more futuristic lightings. That may be because this new game has a time set to 2051. It seems that the future in 2051 is more likely to be with the colour blue neon.

Vehicles and the Map

There are some buses on roads you will see in the trailer, and maybe that is because you might have some other options for the gameplay of this new release. There are also featuring drones in the trailer, and it seems to have more helicopters as well. They have huge fans on them instead of having a rotor.

When talking about the map, you will no longer be stuck into the same map as PUBG mobile, and there is a new one called Troi. Troi is a map with a scale of 8x8km, and it has the same size as the Mirmar or the Erangel. So obviously, this map is a big one. And a big map is grater start because it is making better gaming for the players.

There are no significant details regarding the map, but we can assure you it is consistent with more rivers, built areas, and trees. There are a shopping mall and a stadium too.

PUBG New State Pre Registration

There is no set date to release this game, and it will come to the gaming world at any time of the year 2021. But there is a pre-registration method available for our gamers. The developers of the PUBG New State have already announced a pre-registration available for android users, and those who are registering can now receive a limited scale of vehicle skins.

PUBG New State with LDPlayer

If you want to play PUBG New State on PC, there are no counting worries, and now you have the chance. Don’t worry about not having this game for PC; you got it with LDPlayer with some added benefits to it. As this is a battle royale game, there would be so much to deal with some controls, and even a tiny miss will lose your targets. So rather than playing this game on a mobile, it is more suitable to play it on a PC with a keyboard and mouse.

Although you have a keyboard and a mouse to control your every gesture, it is difficult for some players to get used to new commands and controls. So don’t worry, gamers. You still got the option to save your gameplay with LDPlayer’s  keyboard mapping, and now you are free to set your kind of key controls with that feature. So gaming would be much better for PUBG New State with LDPlayer.


PUBG New State would emerge in the gaming world at any time of the year 2021, and so far, according to the sources and information we gathered, we know that this game is simply becoming a fantastic game to the gaming world. It will also take a super hit as PUBG mobile, and let’s countdown until it comes to our hand gamers.

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