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fire damage restoration services
fire damage restoration services

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An insight into the process of fire damage restoration services

Fires can cause extensive damage to property and lead to billions of dollars of losses to the nation’s economy. In 2017, property damage from fire in the US amounted to 23 billion dollars. Despite the best efforts in preventing fires, it is not possible to stay confident about it. The best that you can do is to minimize the damages by taking help from an emergency fire restoration Repair Company based in Miami Florida.  Hoping that you have much to salvage after the fire incident takes place, you must act fast to minimize smoke damage that most people are unaware of.

The company that offers services in fire restoration can assess the extent of damage and start securing the items that they can salvage while beginning the restoration work that includes renovations.

This article should help you define the scope of work of the fire damage restoration company.

Do an assessment

After dousing the fire, look around the affected area to understand the extent of damage due to fire and smoke. The degree of fire penetration will help to assess its possible effects on the building structure.  The amount of smoke and soot generated will indicate the scale of damage.  Try to understand whether there has been any heat damage to the walls, fixtures, and furniture.  The fire damage restoration company will do a further in-depth assessment that will give more insights into the total damage and the chances of recovering the damaged items. Record and document everything to file an insurance claim. Remove all furniture and fixtures unaffected by fire to a safe place to protect them from smoke damage.

Securing the foundation

The first aim in fire restoration is to secure the building structure by plugging holes and supporting weakened structures. Then, inspect the areas singed by the flames like the floor and roof to understand whether repairs or replacement would be necessary. Furthermore, since measures taken to control the fire increase the moisture of the place, water damage restoration is also a part of the fire damage restoration process. Therefore, the fire restoration services should include various aspects of restoration from water damage too.

Cleaning and removal

Smoke and soot removal is not easy, and it leaves deep stains on the affected areas. The staining is often so deep that it penetrates inside the surface, making its removal even more difficult.  To get rid of the smoke damage requires deep scrub and sanding as well as refinishing. If there is accompanying water damage, the restoration process must include water removal and dry using pumps and fans, heaters, and dehumidifiers. Complete drying of the surfaces eliminates the chances of mold growth that can start within 24 hours if there is dampness of the surfaces.

Repair and renovation

Restoration is most challenging when trying to salvage some precious items like family heirlooms that are irreplaceable and have many emotions attached to them. In addition, repairing the building inside out is a tedious task because it requires a lot of scraping and repainting to create flawless surfaces.

Sometimes the repairing tasks are so extensive that they can trigger a complete renovation of the home.

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