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Drain Snaking Toronto
Drain Snaking Toronto



Sewerage blockage is a very common problem in every household and street. Household owners, at some point in life, have to face these issues.

Most people have the priority to fix sewerage on their own. They often try some chemical cleaner to remove these blockages. As a result, the situation gets more complicated. It requires more technical solutions, and skilled labor is mandatory to fix this problem.

Some ways to clean block drains:

Different techniques are used to make the drains work smoothly, such as using Auger, vacuum, and snake.

The technique that we are going to discuss is cleaning the drain by the mean of the snake, as it is one of the quick solutions to this problem.

About snake

A snake in the plumbing world is a metallic coil used to break blockage in the drain. Depending upon its size, it can catch anything such as a heap of hairs, a large quantity of food, and much more.

How does snake work?

The metallic coil is inserted manually into the drain, blocked by some garbage, and pulled off in a rotating motion. Depending upon its size, it can catch a huge quantity of garbage from the clump of food to the heap of hair, and it broke garbage that is collected in pipes. The coil is pulled off in a rotating motion and breaks blockages in the drain that affect the flow of water.

It depends on the amount of garbage that is stored in the sewerage. Sometimes one attempt is enough, and sometimes we have to inject the coil multiple times in various holes of a pipe. Snakes are used to break everyday blocking, but if this technique is not providing satisfactory results, then we use Drum Auger, which is the best solution to this problem.

Drum Auger

Drum Auger works in the same way as a snake, but the difference is that it is strong, automatic, and large compared to the snake. It’s a strong snake that can reach the bottom level of the pipe and clear sewer blockages.

Most probably, blockages would clear by using these techniques, but if they don’t prove fruitful, then reconstruction would be a favorable option, and it might take several days.

Why should we hire professional plumbers in Toronto?

Drain cleaning is a technical job. It requires technical knowledge as well as skilled work to solve the issue. In case we try to use drilling snakes on our own, it might result in more cracks in the pipe, and you might have a serious injury that might result in a serious infection. Therefore drilling should be left in the hand of skilled labor. Here are some reasons to convince the customer to contact professional plumbers before taking any step.

  • The Interior of a pipe may be damage.

In Toronto, several houses were constructed hundred years ago, and their pipeline is not modified yet. Suppose you are using original pipes in the early of the twentieth century they are not durable enough. Most possibly, huge garbage would collect in that sewerage. In case if we make the use of drilling snake without hiring a professional plumber, then likely instead of fixing the issue, it might cause some destructive results.

Such as blade or cable of snakes can result in more cracks in the pipe, leading to the reconstruction of a pipe. In Toronto, more than $43000 is required for the reconstruction of the pipe.

  • Splash of dirty water

In an attempt to clean the drain on your own, there is a huge risk of a splash of dirty water on your body or face that might result in serious health issues. In Canada round, about 200,000 cases are exposed every year, and massive people are affected cause of this messy water.

Campylobacteriosis is one of the most health hazard diseases reporting high probability cause of dirty water in the current era. Putting health at risk to save few dollars is not a wise decision.

  • Injuring yourself

As you are not professional, so the attempt of drilling snakes can prove successful. It may result in severe injuries.

For the consecutive four years from 2016-2017, injuries were among seven major cases in Canada, and massive cases resulted from the unsuccessful attempt of this drilling machine.

Your injury might result in a dangerous infection.

In case you don’t result in any injury but standing at one position for a huge time and trying to fix blockages in the drainage system can cause severe pain in your body.

  • Affect your fixtures

No doubt, drilling snake seems innocent, but still, it’s not easy to use. A little mistake can bring crack to its fixture. Sinks and washroom basins are the best examples.

  • Drain snaking isn’t always the solution to every problem.

In case if drain snaking is not giving a satisfactory result, then we could make use of a drum auger that can clear hard blockages from the depth of the pipe in case the drum auger removed the plant root from the drain and caused a hole in it then it results in a huge amount of water. That’s why you should hire any professional before taking any sluggish step.

By hiring a professional plumber, there would be a detailed inspection of your drainage system, and he would select the right equipment according to the current situation.


Here we have compiled a list of services to convince our customers why to hire us.

  • Best drain snaking service in Toronto

We owe a group of experts who grab a strong grip on this machine, and they could clear strong blockages from your drains.

  • Latest Equipment

With time, we have invested in the latest equipment such as an optic camera to analyze your drains’ situation in detail. According to the situation, we make the selection of appropriate equipment.

  • Right equipment

Our company had been working in this field for many years. Therefore we believe in selecting appropriate equipment at the right time rather than moving to any chemical detergent.

  • Bringing expensive materials out of the drainage

During the cleaning of household utensils or cause of any mishap, you might drop expensive things such as rings or bracelets in the drain. By our snake draining services, we pull out your expensive things via a metallic coil from that drain.


Our company possesses a group of experts who have been working for several years. They can tackle complex situations in a convenient way. We realize how difficult it is to make money. Therefore we guide our customers in detail and assure them that their amount is not wasted. In short, it’s the best company to invest in terms of plumbing.
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