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Amateur, Professional, Or Master Cooking Course: Which One To Choose?

Are you looking for a good cooking class? Then cooking classes in Italy inform you immediately that you have come to the correct section. This article focuses precisely on choosing a cooking class.

Among the many requests that people make regarding our cooking courses, here are some worthy of further study:

  • “Which cooking class should I choose? “
  • “What is the most suitable course for my needs? “
  • “Should I opt for a professional course or a master’s? “

These questions (and others similar) are frequently asked by anyone who wants to undertake a training course.

Today then the offer of cooking courses is, by necessity, more varied than in the past. Therefore, we are convinced that a careful choice is of fundamental importance for the future projects of the student, be they personal or business.

Cooking Course: The Importance Of Choosing The Right Path

To select between amateur course, professional course, or master must first take into account several factors, often related to each other, including:

  • training (school and work)
  • hobbies and interests
  • ambitions

From these factors, the students will find helpful ideas to make the most appropriate path. See in detail below the types of courses offered by the cooking school and the possible advantages.

Amateur Cooking Class

The amateur course in the cooking classes in Italy is, by definition, a type of course aimed mainly at all lovers of cooking and good food, who want to even try their hand at preparing first courses, main courses, appetizers, but also desserts and desserts.

But, in addition, the amateur courses are also aimed at the curious, that is, those who have always wanted to discover noble culinary art but who have not yet come close to it for one reason or another.

Finally, there is a good part of participants in amateur courses who decide to get to know our training offer starting from the minor demanding routes in terms of program and timetables.

Here are some examples of amateur courses among the most chosen in cooking school:

  • Cooking is easy
  • The grand patisserie in your home
  • Homemade low-temperature cooking
  • Professional cooking course

The professional course can be defined as a more articulated and complex training course, specially created for those who intend to work in the catering sector or set up independently. This type of path is also perfect for those who already own a business and want to increase their skills and competencies in the sector.

Our professional courses are typically chosen by students who already have a school education based on catering (such as the hotel institute or equivalent qualifications), by restaurateurs and operators in the sector who already have an essential culinary experience.

However, there is a substantial range of people who, despite coming from other work fields, want to retrain professionally, choose a sector full of opportunities, want to reflect their passions and fundamental attitudes.

They offer includes various routes. Here are the main ones:

  • assistant cook
  • pastry chef
  • pizza chef
  • personal chef
  • ice cream maker

Some of these professional courses are available in the formula with a legally recognized Regional Qualification and a curricular training internship. If you need more information, you can consult the detailed programs on the course pages.

Cooking Course: Master

The master is a type of course quite distinct from the two previously discussed. It is usually framed as an in-depth training course, often aimed at consolidating skills already acquired at least in part with other classes.

The masters are strongly recommended to all students who have already taken an amateur and professional course at the school and perhaps wish to specialize in a particular area of ​​the culinary/gastronomic sector.

The training offered in this case consists of cooking and pastry specialization courses. The cooking masters are generally focused on preparing refined first and second courses; the pastry masters, on the other hand, are dedicated to sophisticated confectionery preparations or particular techniques for processing raw materials. Some examples of masters frequently proposed by our cooking school are:

  • High line fish
  • Plate dessert

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