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5 Tips On Choosing The Right Mattress
5 Tips On Choosing The Right Mattress

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5 Tips On Choosing The Right Mattress

Sleeping on the wrong mattress or bed can cause lower back pain. If it fails to support your body, it will be forced to assume a bad sleeping posture, strained muscles and a misaligned spine. All of these problems can result in excruciating low back pain when they occur simultaneously. Sleep is the most detrimental effect of a bad mattress.

If the mattress does not match your unique body’s requirements, a bad sleeping posture will deprive you of sound sleep. Therefore, you should always find a mattress that provides comfort and back support. In addition, it should let the structures in the spine rejuvenate during the night.

With a wide range of mattresses available on the market, selecting the right one is difficult. It is better to rely on reputed brands such as King Coil. If you are suffering from low back pain, you can follow the guidelines listed below for choosing a comfortable mattress.

Consider Your Requirements

Most people tend to visit a shop and buy a mattress without giving much thought to their requirements. As a result, after a few days of sleeping on the bed, they face various health issues, including low back pain, shoulder pain, etc. Therefore, before looking for the mattress, you need to understand your requirements. For instance, if you have ankylosing spondylitis, you need to buy a firm mattress. Only you know how your body feels comfortable. That’s why you must reflect on your requirements and existing health issues before investing money in a mattress.

Find Out Your Ideal Sleeping Position And Firmness

Most people have their unique ways of sleeping at night. For example, some people prefer sleeping on their sides while others sleep on their stomach or back; some other people keep changing their position throughout the night. Whatever your sleeping position, you need to buy a mattress considering that position. It is essential to consider the position to help you determine the firmness required for your new bed.

For back sleepers, maximum firmness is required. Side sleepers need a bit softer options. Do you sleep on your stomach? Then it would be best if you bought a mattress in the 5 to 7 range or medium to medium firmness.

Take Your Weight Into Account

You would be surprised to know that support, hug, feel, or sinkage and cooling can also rely on your weight. For example, when your weight is less than 150 pounds, you can buy a medium-firm bed of 5 to 6 firmness; for an average of 150-200 pounds, you need standard firmness of 5 to 7 range; for the heavier weight (200+ pounds), maximum firmness is required.

Pick Your Ideal Type & Material

Five main types of mattress are memory foam, hybrid, adjustable, pillow-top, and airbed. Before buying one, you should determine which type suits your requirement. It is also essential to consider the materials as the comfort of the back and shoulder depend on the materials.

Determine Your Budget

Once you have considered all the facts discussed above, you should determine your budget. It is always better to set up a budget before starting your search for mattresses, as it will save your time. The current market has so many options that getting a mattress within your budget would not be a problem.

Though buying a mattress from renowned brands like King Coil assures the quality, you consider your health issues, required firmness, size and shape, types and materials, and of course, your budget. Moreover, a mattress is not something that you can change frequently.  Hence, while buying one, make sure it is comfortable and long-lasting.

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