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5 Common Things People Forget When Moving
5 Common Things People Forget When Moving


5 Common Things People Forget When Moving

When moving, it is possible to forget to do some things. There is so much to do and think about when relocating from one place to another. Not only do you need to pack all the items, but you also have other vital tasks to handle.

It is possible to overlook things without your knowledge with so many things to do. To be safe, you can hire NYC commercial movers, have a checklist, and start planning for the move as early as possible. Below are some of the common things people forget when moving.

Five things people forget when moving

  1. Updating your address

Many people forget to update their addresses when moving. This is because the task is not viewed as essential as others. However, the task is crucial for various reasons.

Apart from your address, there are other important documents that you need to update. For instance, make sure your credit card accounts, place of employment, bank accounts, schools, and doctor are updated on your change of address.

Also, change your utilities, internet providers, cable, phone, life and care insurance, dentist, family and friends, subscriptions, professional services, and pet’s veterinarian.

  1. Planning for your pets

Moving is a stressful affair for everyone involved, including the pets. Hence, it is possible to forget about the best when relocating from one place to another. Therefore, it is essential to consider them when moving.

On a moving day, pets need their own plans. This will ensure they have a smooth transition into the new place. If it is a long-distance move, make sure you have reserved an excellent place for them and have enough food. Also, include beddings, toys, and a little box.

When moving with your dog, plan for breaks after a few hours. And once you arrive in the new home, make sure there is a designated room for the pets. You can also have a friend or a family member to help you watch your dog or any other pet.

  1. Packing an essential box

Another common thing most people forget when relocating to a new place is packing an essential box. You might not know how vital an essential box is when moving.

An essential box is a box that you pack the essential items you need on a moving day and once you arrive in the new home. Here, you pack items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, drugs, a change of clothes, towels, a few cups and plates, documents, and other essential items.

Packing an essential box

Therefore, make sure you do not forget to have an essential box. This will ensure a smooth process when you arrive in the new home. It is also important to have a separate essential box for every family member. It should include toiletries and other things they need a few days in the new home.

  1. Planning for meals

Most people forget to plan for the meals when relocating. Whether it is a long-distance move or a local one, make sure you prepare the meals. Remember, your fridge will be empty, and your pantry will be open. Hence, it is possible to not think about the food.

Therefore, know in advance what you will be eating on the moving day and a few days after moving to the new home before unpacking. Minding about food is essential, especially if you have small kids.

You can have prepped food or have takeaways. Remember, a few days before moving out, and a few days after moving in, you will be busy packing and unpacking. Hence, you will not have time to prepare food for the family.

  1. Protecting your old and new house

When moving, it is possible to damage your new or old house. Therefore, do not mistake not protecting the old and the new house. When moving furniture or big boxes, it is possible to damage the walls, floors, and doors.

Therefore, you need to ensure you know how to protect your house. When you hire a professional moving company such as NYC movers, you can be sure there will be no damages to your new or old home.

For instance, they use floor runners in the main traffic areas to ensure the floor is safe from heavy foot traffic. Also, they cover corners, doors, and staircases to protect the areas from getting damaged.

But if it is a DIY move, make sure you have the right moving supplies to protect your house. Also, let people help you understand the dangers of protecting the home. Remember, it takes a little effort to ensure no damages when moving.


Moving is considered one of the stressful activities people encounter. Whether you are moving locally or a long-distance one, it is possible to forget some things. Hence, make sure you prepare well for the move and have a checklist.

Hiring professionals to help you move is a great way to ensure everything is well handled. They will take over the complex tasks and leave you to control the simpler but crucial duties.

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