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11 Decorating Tips to Modernize Your Bathroom
11 Decorating Tips to Modernize Your Bathroom

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11 Decorating Tips to Modernize Your Bathroom

Does your bathroom feel out of date? Keeping your bathroom modern makes your home feel stylish and comfortable. If you haven’t changed up your bathroom in a while, now is a perfect time!

If you need some tips to get started, be sure to read this article. There are plenty of ideas for you to use!

1. Replace Your Old Shower Curtain

Your shower curtain is one of the most noticeable features in your bathroom. If you have an old one, it can make the rest of your bathroom feel shabby. The easiest way to start modernizing is by adding a new curtain.

You can choose any design that you want! You will want to make sure it matches the theme you are going for so it doesn’t look out of place.

2. Update the Faucets

If you have some old faucets in your bathroom, you will want to replace them. It’s cheaper than replacing the entire sink and can change the feel of your bathroom. You can find some great options on a budget.

Bathroom faucets, sinks, and showerheads come in many styles, sizes, and colors. You can choose something simple or a faucet with more design features.

3. Add New Lighting

Add New Lighting

The chances are that your bathroom’s lighting could use an upgrade. You will want to replace your dated light fixtures with chandeliers, lamps, hanging lights, and more natural light sources. Yellow light bulbs tend to look dated, so try to add less harsh lighting when you can.

By lighting up your bathroom, it will appear brighter and more open. If you need to encourage more natural light to spread through the room, adding additional mirrors will help you.

4. Add an Electric Fireplace

Adding a white electric fireplace to your bathroom gives it a comfortable effect. You can choose from several different styles and flame colors too. If you were considering adding a fireplace, you would want to choose this option over a traditional fireplace.

Electric models don’t require vents, making them easier to install. Plus, they are safer for smaller bathrooms since they don’t produce smoke. Overall, there are several benefits to installing one of these items. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also promote a relaxing, modern environment.

5. Organize Your Space

If your bathroom is cluttered, you will want to take some time to organize it. Organizing is the least expensive way to keep your bathroom looking nice. You might need to add more storage or shelving to do this.

The best way to start is by removing everything from under your sink and on the counters. Organize your items in containers, then put them back in their place. It helps to watch some DIY videos online to create unique storage items.

6. Add Accent Wallpaper

Another idea would be to add an accent wall. You can use unique wallpaper to choose this look. Bold wallpaper is a great way to draw attention and create a focal point. Plus, only changing one wall up is an excellent way to modernize while still saving money.

You can even use stick-on wallpaper, which is cost-effective and easy to remove later. Finally, you should ensure that your wallpaper looks well with the rest of your bathroom fixtures.

7. Change Your Bathroom Mirror

Sometimes, all you need to do is switch up your bathroom mirror. Mirrors usually serve as a focal point, so you will want a modern design. A framed mirror stands out against the wall and can match several different themes. Plus, an oversized mirror can help distribute natural lighting around the room.

8. Add Some Greenery

Plants look lovely in every room, but many people don’t consider adding them to their bathrooms. You can add some large, potted plants on the floor and add a few small succulents to the counters. Plus, flowers look great and make your bathroom smell fresh.

If you can’t add natural plants, adding some faux ones around the bathroom can have the same visual effects. Overall, adding more greenery to your bathroom will help it look more modern.

9. Add Fresh Paint to Cabinets

Painting your cabinets is a simple way to update your bathroom. You can use rich colors against a neutral wall to make them stand out more. Feel free to experiment with paint to create a style that you love!

If you enjoy DIY projects, then refinishing your cabinets would be an excellent weekend task. You could paint the doors different colors too, which would have a modern effect.

10. Add Accent Shower Tiles

If you haven’t changed up your tiles in a long time, swapping out a few to create accents inside of the shower is a cost-efficient way to make an upgrade. Ceramic tiles can cost less than a dollar, making them a fantastic option.

Adding accent pieces in the shower also helps differentiate that space- making it feel separate from the bathroom.

11. Add a Gallery Wall

Finally, a gallery wall looks great in a bathroom. You can add photos, paintings, and other wall art to your bathroom. This idea can transform a blank wall into a point of interest. You can choose pieces that you love or ones that stick with a specific theme.

You will want to use several decorations that are of varying sizes. Doing so helps to keep the gallery wall looking interesting. You should place everything carefully so it does not become cluttered. Gallery walls look lovely in bathrooms- so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Make It Your Own

Add a Gallery Wall

As long as you choose upgrades you enjoy, your bathroom will turn out with a design you love. There are several different ways to make the room look modern without spending a lot of money. You can update certain fixtures, add accent pieces, or use bold colors.

No matter what you decide to do, you want to make your bathroom your own. Don’t hesitate to try out new ideas and see what sticks!

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