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What to Know Before Operating a Virtual Restaurant
What to Know Before Operating a Virtual Restaurant


Your Ultimate Guide To Restaurant Booths

As a restaurant owner in the current restaurant markets, there is so much that you might have no idea about. From wall art trends that modern restaurants are adopting to furniture styles that can set a bar or restaurant apart from others, today there is so much to know about restaurant interior trends. One such rather recent trend in the world of restaurants and bars is the installation of booths instead of normal chairs at a few points inside the restaurant if not throughout it.

Restaurant booths don’t only look stylish and add to your restaurant’s classy layout but are also great in terms of seating capacity, comfort, and ease of dining. Moreover, restaurant booths tend to have more styling options now than any other unconventional restaurant seating has. Lastly, when you get them installed in bulk quantities, these booths are affordable and can also last longer than your regular restaurant seats or couches.

If you are here as someone looking for good restaurant seating options, we can understand why you would want to know more about restaurant booths. This seating is so much in trend but there is still a wide gap of knowledge regarding these booths and their styles. So, today we decided to create a complete guide on restaurant booths that will surely help you decide whether you’d like to get some of these for your restaurant or not. So, without any further ado, let us get into this:

What Is A Restaurant Booth?

Now, if you have never seen a restaurant booth specifically tagged as a booth, you might be confused as to what exactly a restaurant booth is and how big or small it can get. 

Well, we are sure you must have seen banquette seats in restaurants. They are old-fashioned and very common. Now imagine multiple banquettes joined together with a big back in a way that they offer maximum support and comfort to anyone who is seated on them. Makes sense? Well, that is what exactly we refer to as a restaurant booth.

Booths often make for an intimate and covered seating arrangement in restaurants. It is up to the restaurant layout designer and management to decide if they want to put multiple booths face to face with a table between them, in a horseshoe style, or a U-shape. You should arrange multiple booth sets with tables between them in a way that every set has another set starting at its back. This ensures maximum restaurant space and lets everyone enjoy their meal without having so many eyes on them.

Usually, a booth setup can easily cater for a party of 6 to 8 people and is perfect for restaurants where bigger groups tend to come for food instead of couples. 

What Makes Restaurant Booths So Special?

If you are a critical thinker, you might be wondering why we are speaking so highly of restaurant booths. You might want to know what is so special about this particular seating arrangement that everyone seems so fond of it. 

Well, there are so many advantages of having a restaurant booth, both for the restaurant owners and the one who sits and dines in these booths. Some of the most noticeable ones are as follows:

  1. Restaurant booths are very spacious and one of these is big enough for around 3 adults to easily sit on it.
  2. Thanks to their high backs, restaurant booths can provide a sense of privacy to big families who want to carry out their private celebrations and conversations at their dining table in a restaurant.
  3. Restaurant booths are far more comfortable than any other form of seating. This is why they are a must for restaurants that host all age groups and especially have senior citizens as their visitors too.
  4. Restaurant booths are very stylish and yet very compact and hence ensure spaciousness in every possible way and allow for a wider walking space for waiters and other restaurant staff.
  5. Because they are currently in vogue, having some of these installed in your restaurant gives a touch of modernity and contemporary style to your eatery. This makes your place look aesthetic for those who value the interiors and also reveals your commitment to your business – something that surely has a positive impact on your business.

Picking The Right Booth Size And Style

There is no definite measurement when it comes to the perfect booth width and height. It entirely depends on the space available, the layout you want to make for your restaurant, and other personal factors that have more to do with your preferences and available space and less to do with the rules.

The best way to find the perfect booth size for yourself is to measure the space and plan your layout a bit before getting your booths made. The measurements can help you decide what size of the booth would look the best and which would be too big or too small. Once you know the size range of the booth you need, you can easily choose a style that looks good in that size. 

Below, we are sharing some of the most common restaurant booth styles that you need to know about:

  • Single Booths

These can be referred to as half booths that you can adjust and place as and how you want. Mostly, restaurants use these booths in combination with bigger ones to add to the seating space.

  • Deuce Booths

These are simple two-person booths with two seats arranged face to face and having table space between them.

  • Double Booths

These booths are like old train seating. The two back-to-back seats are attached to each other and have their own tables.

  • Split Booths

Now, this style is a bit tricky to understand and you’d only get what it exactly is when you see it. For reference, however, you can imagine this booth style as an assembly where you have a booth seating on one side of the table and normal restaurant chairs on the other side. This style of seating is not an easy one to incorporate into the restaurant’s aesthetics and you should be very careful when opting for this one.

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