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Why Workers Fail To Report Workplace Injuries
Why Workers Fail To Report Workplace Injuries


Why Workers Fail To Report Workplace Injuries: An Analysis By Legal Experts

When you go to work, you have an expectation that your employment rights are protected. You expect that your employer provides you with a safe environment to work in. Yes, it’s true that many companies do their best to provide a safe and healthy workplace to their employees.

However, sometimes workers get injured due to some negligence of the employer to ensure safety. At times, it’s the fault of the employees, but most of the time, there is negligence from the employers.

Even though it’s the fault of employers, many workers don’t report the injuries. There are several reasons, and unawareness of work injury rights is one of them. Continue reading to know why workers don’t report workplace injuries.

Reasons for Which Employees Don’t Report Workplace Injuries

Here are some key reasons why employees don’t report workplace injuries.

  • Workplace Injuries Are Hard to Identify.
  • Workers’ Compensation is Difficult.
  • Dealing With Insurance Companies is Complex.
  • Some Employers Discourage Reporting.
  • Employees Fear That They Might Lose Current or Future Job.
  • They Accept the Pain as a Part of the Job.
  • Workers Don’t Want to Be Labelled a ‘Complainer.’

If you think these are the reasons that stop you when you want to report an injury, read this article till the end. Meanwhile, you can also read how to hire the right personal injury lawyer for your work injury.

Workplace Injuries Are Hard to Identify

First and foremost, it’s hard to identify some work-related injuries because they don’t show up on the surface. Unless a major accident or traumatic event occurs, it’s difficult to identify the occupational injuries.

Workers’ Compensation is Difficult

Next, the process of workers’ compensation is difficult and usually has a long waiting period for getting the compensation. No employee wants to wait for so long to get compensation. They make an appointment with a doctor and get them treated. After that, they don’t want to go through the complexity of filing injuries anymore.

Dealing With Insurance Companies is Complex

Another reason many workers don’t want to report is insurance companies are complex. They try to settle their claim for what they deserve. As a result, the employee may have to bear financial loss because they think hiring a lawyer and filing a claim can be more expensive.

Some Employers Discourage Reporting

Another reason that many employees don’t want to report because employers often discourage them. There are several reasons that many employers don’t want their employees to report. One of them is they don’t want to pay the cost of treatment. Also, more injury reports can create a negative public impression on the company.

Employees Fear That They Might Lose Current or Future Job

Some workers also have a fear that they might lose their employment. Also, they think that reporting about the injury can affect their future employment. So, this is also a common reason for which many workers don’t want to report workplace injuries.

They Accept the Pain as a Part of the Job

It has also been seen that some employees accept pain and injury as a part of the job. But they should be aware of their employee benefits and workers’ compensation rights properly.

Workers Don’t Want to Be Labelled a ‘Complainer’

Finally, there is a fear among workers that they may be labeled a ‘complainer.’ Since it can create social anxiety with their colleagues, they don’t want to report their injuries at work.

Final Words

Hopefully, the above information has helped you to understand various reasons why workers don’t report their injuries at the workplace. As a responsible employee, you should know about your employment rights and take the necessary steps to protect them. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is crucial when you claim for your workplace injuries.

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