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Why Is My Personal Injury Claim Not Being Processed?

For those of you who are waiting for their personal injury claim to be processed, your case might be rejected if it already has been a few months after the filing. That’s because not all cases are cut and dry as they seem. Fighting for a personal injury claim does not just involve telling your tale and getting compensation for the damages.

There are a few misconceptions about personal injury laws that can lead to lost claims. Due to this reason, you need to hire a professional such as Turner Freeman personal injury lawyers who are well-versed in the process and can handle any case. To prevent any delays in your case or an outright rejection, avoid the following mistakes:

1.     Misrepresenting or Exaggerating the Information

Any holes in your story will be picked apart word by word in the courtroom so, refrain from exaggerating the information. Make sure that the documents attached in the file say exactly what you are recounting in the court.

Many things can happen if you are found guilty of misrepresentation, such as a court dismissing your case of issuing sanctions. Evidence might also be suppressed, making proceeding with the case difficult for you. Be completely honest with your Lawyers so that they can make a valid case.

2.     Going for a Quick Settlement

Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) is a term given to your condition after you have recovered fully from an accident. By agreeing to a quick settlement, you will be losing a lot of money if you don’t reach MMI and face further medical complications. So, let your lawyer get your condition fully assessed so that they can properly determine the complete medical expense they should mention in compensation.

3.     Hiding Past Injuries

Many people abuse personal injury law to get a hefty amount. If you have an unflattering past that might jeopardise your case, tell your lawyer about it. This way, if an accusatory question is asked in the courtroom, you and they won’t be caught off-guard.

4.     Accepting What You Are Given

Loss of wages and medical expenses have a definite amount. The numbers can be calculated easily. However, the emotional suffering you handle is not something that can be monetised. If you feel that you have suffered a lot physically and mentally, it’s your right to demand a bigger compensation. In this case, your lawyer will tell you how your accident will be presented in court.

5.     Filing Inaccurate Tax Returns

Your compensation is based on how much you make. If your tax returns tell a different story, like understated earnings, getting full compensation will be challenging. Make sure the papers show accurate information so that you get what you deserve.

These mistakes are why people should always hire a lawyer before doing anything related to the case. What you might have read on the internet does not compare to the information and experience a qualified attorney has.

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