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Why Should You Hire Resume Writing Services In India?
Why Should You Hire Resume Writing Services In India?


Why is Creative Writing Important for Students?

You must have heard that creative writing is a kind of art. People who perform creative writing are called an artist. Moreover, they attract an audience with faith in an artist’s non-academic or academic writing. But do you know creative writing is highly essential for students? Children who perform creative writing activities usually have sharp minds and better writing skills. Anyone can develop their desire skill with the help of online teaching apps, it isn’t easy to learn writing, but one must try.

There are various creative writing prompts on which teachers can ask the students to write. Creative writing prompts help the students to develop multiple characters, plots, and beautiful poetry. Today, we will learn about the best creative writing prompts for students to grow their minds and writing skills.

What is Creative Writing?

To understand other things about creative writing fastly one must know what creative writing is? Creative writing is a sort of art of making things. It is a form of writing the various details about non-academic or technical information in a beautiful way.

You cannot call a newspaper a speech of creative writing as they provide facts. Creative writing, on the other hand, if something is written with originality and to express feelings. Students prefer creative writing to learn various skills such as reading, writing, communication, etc. The role of teachers in this advanced learning is that they must persuade children to write to develop more ideas and imaginations.

The primary purpose of motivating your child towards creative writing is to provide entertainment and grow some skills. Both of them work hand-in-hand as when children express their feelings, the first step is they utilize their imagination. Furthermore, students get many other advantages.

The various techniques in which an instructor can teach understudies are as follows:

  • Teaching about character and plotted development
  • Underlying themes
  • Vivid settings
  • Point of view
  • Dialogue writing
  • Anecdotes with metaphors and similes
  • Multiple figures of speeches
  • Writing in imaginative language and emotional appeal.
  • Heavy description short of writings

Thus, these are the various techniques in which students can write in multiple ways. Moreover, there is plenty of creative writing prompts on which students must write.

Benefits of Creative Writing

Creative writing has numerous benefits for children. Here are some of them

Boost Confidence

When an understudy starts writing, they are engaged in an exercise that helps them develop more ideas. Further, they also get an opportunity to explore numerous topics, philosophies, and characters. Creative writing can help a student in expressing their views from different perspectives. They feel more comfortable and confident when they start sharing their perspectives. Whatever they create shows their imagination.

Students who prefer creative writing can have a better future and more opportunities. Students learn plenty of sounds and voices, which helps them in creating something unique. When a child practices and write something, they make polished content. People also appreciate polished content, and therefore, they start building more confidence.

Expansion of  Imagination Power

Creative writers are better at imagining the world than non-writers. So youngsters also try to write a story or a poem that starts imagining the world in a new way. It helps them in boosting imagination. But you must be thinking about how it is beneficial in the real world?

Well, when students engage in creative writing, their start stimulating and pushing their imagination. And when they expand their vision, they start thinking out of the box.

For example, you must have heard about JK Rowling, the writer who wrote Harry Potter and series. She was engaged in creative writing right from her childhood. She told in an interview that she was a king writer from the age of 5. Thus, teachers can also motivate students by telling the story of JK Rowling. She is among the wealthiest writers currently. And we can read such fantastic books because of her imagination. Therefore, a teacher must motivate a child to write something out of the box and push their boundaries, whether online or offline.

A Better Understanding of Reading and Writing

When a child writes regularly automatically, they gain better vocabulary. Also, youngsters understand the mechanics of writing and reading better. Teaching grammar rules to children is a bit complex. However, children who perform creative writing understand the grammar rules faster than other kids.

Learning grammar rules also can assist them in their various disciplines. Once they get comfortable with writing, they might have mastery in writing on different creative writing prompts. Professionally they get more creative, and their art becomes more compelling to the readers. On the other hand, children with poor writing skills do not stand anywhere.


Creative writing might help students develop better ideas, but it can be gained only when you have passion. Teachers must encourage children to write on various creative writing prompts. Writing always develops skills and vocabulary. A career in creative writing is a cherry on the cake. Thus, students must write to create unique imaginations.

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