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Why is aluminium good for gates
Why is aluminium good for gates

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Why is aluminium good for gates?

Why is aluminium ideal for automatic gates? Aluminium gates are strong, attractive, and free of rust or corrosion. It’s one of Mother Nature’s amazing materials, but it’s also light and simple to cut and form. It can be welded, bonded, riveted, or bolted together, giving years of low to no upkeep in all conditions.

Furthermore, aluminium gates are available in a variety of colours and stunning wood patterns, adding to their attractiveness.

Why should you opt for an aluminium automatic gate?

Aluminium can be cut, shaped, and put together to mimic a beautiful wooden or steel gate.

The solid wood frames can be finished in a variety of RAL colours and metal and iron tones, as well as smooth surfaces in a variety of RAL hues.

Aluminium doors will not rust, rot, bend, or curl and simply need to be wiped clean with water on a regular basis to stay beautiful.

The length of time that aluminium gates stay in place is a good indicator of their quality.

Linkcare’s aluminium gates are coated with a surface finish that gives them both the final design and appearance of your chosen gates, while also providing an extremely hard protective layer. These finishes all pass the Qualicoat standard for aluminium coatings’ stringent criteria. As a result, Linkcare’s aluminium gates come with a ten-year guarantee.

How safe are aluminium gates?

Because aluminium is light, gate motors have to put out less force when opening and closing the gates, which makes them safer and more cost-effective.

Strength of aluminium gates

Aluminium alloys are light and strong, making them more durable than steel or wood gates of the same weight.

Because they are made of aluminium, they don’t need hinges or locks that can handle heavier gates.

Price of aluminium gates

Aluminium gates are one of the most cost-effective gate materials available, based on longevity, low upkeep, and purchase price.

Why aluminium is the best choice for automatic gates

Aluminium, in comparison to other materials used for barriers, has the following advantages:

Aluminium gates vs wooden gates

Wood, unlike aluminium, requires regular maintenance to retain its natural beauty. Wood gates must have their old flaking finishes scraped off and new varnishes, preservatives, or paint applied on a regular basis.

Wood may also bow, split, decay, and bend, making it difficult to open or close your gates.

Fixings made of iron and steel are frequently used on wooden gates, which must be oiled or greased to ensure they move freely and that any rust is treated with a rust preventative. When painting a gate, it’s common to do so at the same time.

Aluminium gates vs steel gates

Steel and iron gates have a complicated pattern, making them difficult to keep clean and looking good.

Steel, iron, and aluminium all add significant weight to a gate, necessitating heavier fasteners in their installation.

Because heavier gates require more powerful motors that consume more power, they must be automated. Automated aluminium gates are also lighter, making them safer since the force required to open and close them is lower.

In other words, aluminium is the ideal material for manual or automatic gates.

Why not consider the finest alternative to traditional gate materials that will be comparable in price, look great, be less maintenance-intensive, and require almost no upkeep? Take a look at Stargate if you are interested to find out more about aluminium pedestrian gates and how they compare to their wooden counterparts.

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