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Why choose The Bierkeller for your next team building event
Why choose The Bierkeller for your next team building event


Why choose The Bierkeller for your next team building event?

Do you need some fantastic team building ideas? Why not try something a little more colourful than usual this year with the Bierkeller as your team building location? You won’t have to worry about uninterested attendants faking enthusiasm at the vibrant Bierkeller.

With the latest audio and visual technology, as well as a variety of four main locations strewn across the country, our Bierkeller places can meet all sorts of needs. So, say goodbye to stuffy and uninteresting; we’re here to provide a rejuvenating change of scenery for your corporate team building events.

However, before we delve into why the Bierkeller should be your next venue for a team-building event, let’s unpack the definition of team building and some of the more traditional team-building activities. Plus, we’ll look at why these events are so vital and how they may help your company grow.

What is team building?

Simply put, team building is the process of encouraging a group of people to work together to achieve a common goal. Team-building exercises may be designed in many ways, but the underlying aim is always to accomplish something as a group and acquire learnable skills that can be applied to their professional lives, regardless of their position.

Team building, rather than working as a collection of individuals, promotes communication and cohesion, making it an excellent method to bring groups together and address any flaws. Whether you want to fully integrate new workers into your company or ensure long-term employees still feel acknowledged, team building activities may assist you in achieving a variety of objectives.

What are the skills required for team building?

Many of the team-building competencies needed by participants are identical to the ones they may gain or improve upon by participating in one of these events. The majority of groups will be able to collaborate and communicate effectively, but a team-building event may enhance these skills, even more, to help build a cohesive staff. It’s critical to concentrate on three key areas during any team-building activity: cooperation, communication, and interpersonal skills.


To be successful at any team-building exercise, good teamwork is required. Companies frequently engage staff with diverse skill sets and personalities since they are the most suitable for their roles. However, these contrasting personalities might cause tension in the workplace if they are constantly disagreeing or cannot collaborate due to their different approaches to work. This is where team building can assist them in coming up with a solution to their varied working styles.

Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are of vital importance in successful team building, especially as they pertain to effective cooperation. Assertiveness and conflict resolution are two important interpersonal abilities that every employee need on a daily basis. Booking a team-building event can be beneficial if your employees lack these social skills or if you just want to improve them.


Communication, which encompasses both verbal and non-verbal communication, is critical for developing teamwork and interpersonal skills. Non-verbal communication includes everything from body language and facial expressions to tone and clarity that can be gained through vocal communication.

What are some traditional team building ideas?

Team building ideas might range from exciting, sweaty sports to more intellectually stimulating and creative tasks. The best team-building activity for your organization or group will be determined by your company’s principles and goals.

Consider a team building activity that develops important skills in your fields, such as patience, resourcefulness, and communication, if you run a customer-facing organization like a bar or hotel. This will help your staff to enhance their current abilities while also encouraging them to interact with one another.

The significance of team building may not be fully understood by many employees. Team building activities can help to address this because they require your entire team to work together and interact with one another in different ways. Select the right team-building activity based on the sort of skills you think your team lack.

Why not do scavenger hunts and escape rooms if you’re looking for a team-building idea that will demand players to utilize logic and reasoning? Murder mystery evenings and outdoor mazes are popular choices for testing a group’s problem-solving skills.

Alternatively, you may always try an employee poll to get a wider response before committing to one or two of the most popular alternatives.

To ensure that your team is genuinely enthusiastic about and looking forward to participating in the chosen team building activity, use a poll or questionnaire to assess interest in various team-building activities.

Why choose The Bierkeller for corporate team building events?

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, according to the old adage. Bierkeller! We’re here to shake up the monotony of everyday life by being a lively and vibrant club with a notorious reputation for rowdiness.

Bierkeller corporate and work events provide an invigorating change of pace to your normal business team building activities, which your employees may be accustomed to. Why not attempt something that energizes and uplifts your workers rather than going with the usual team-building exercises that they may have gone to more times than they care to remember?

Tasty dishes and Bavarian beverages

We provide a wide range of delectable dishes and beverages as part of the Bierkeller experience. Do you miss the classics? Steins, the highest imported European beers, and unforgettable, traditional Oktoberfest meals (we’re talking bratwursts and schnitzels!) are all available on our beloved Bierkeller food and drink menus.

We also have a Shooters bar where you can enjoy some Bavarian specialities alongside many delectable American foods, such as pizzas, burgers, and wings (enjoy the full food menu). We serve a broad clientele to ensure that we meet the wants of each consumer. The Shooter’s drink menu is overflowing with wine, cocktails, and beers to satisfy all tastes.

Terrific tech

A quad biking trekking experience is a must-do for any stag do, and it’s the ultimate way to let off steam while also getting in touch with nature. On this ATV, you’ll be able to traverse a variety of terrains with ease and reach thrilling speeds.

Plus, after you’ve had your fill of off-road quad biking, you may get cleaned up and go out to discover the ideal drinking spot!

Endless entertainment

If you and your pals are competitive, you may also try indoor go-karting. Indoor go-karting is a fantastic method to add a little healthy rivalry to your stag do when the weather isn’t cooperating. It’s the ideal way to start an evening of drinking with a bottle of champagne for the winner.

If you’re considering a winter wedding and have always desired for speed, this exciting offer is not to be missed.

Location, location, location

Our Liverpool Bierkeller has a plethora of rib-tickling activities, delectable eats, and tantalizing drinks to surprise every type of groom and stag party.

From our laughter-filled Oompah shows and virtual dart lanes to our wide range of LED TV screens airing the newest sporting events, there’s no end to the amusement

.Our enormous Liverpool venue, which features traditional long bench tables, is spread over two levels and will easily accommodate huge stag parties. So, don’t forget to invite all of your buddies!

An energetic atmosphere

Unlike the subdued ambience of typical business places, Bierkeller venues provide a more lively alternative. The electric excitement of our animated settings is guaranteed to put a grin on your face as soon as you walk through the door.

Cracking customer service

Our courteous and pleasant employees are what keep our consumers coming back. Always ready to get you another drink or ensure that your event goes off without a hitch, we take pleasure in providing exceptional customer service.

Extremely versatile venue

Our venues may handle everything from bachelor and bachelorette parties to birthday parties, Christmas gatherings, and so much more. With the assistance of one of our specialists, we can create a custom food, beverage, and entertainment package that is suited to your specific requirements.

For the professional community, we provide contemporary rooms that are perfect for holding training days and conferences. We also have plenty of Dom Perignon champagne to celebrate once you’ve closed a large potential client deal!

Book The Bierkeller today!

Do you want to make an online Bierkeller reservation? We can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t be interested in our unparalleled customer service or pleasant environment, so we’re not sure why you’d hesitate! So, why not contact us right now to learn more about how we may add a bit of excitement to your next team building activity?

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